Pirates Prospects is Looking For a Paid Writer in West Virginia

Pirates Prospects is looking for a paid minor league writer in West Virginia for the 2015 season. The ideal candidate would be available for every home game in Charleston, and would be able to provide two or three stories a week, along with a few player notes per game.

Our focus in the minor leagues is on scouting and analysis, rather than what the individual teams are doing, or what happens on a day-to-day basis. The requirement for each article will be to have at least three of the following sources of information: live coverage, statistical analysis, information from opposing scouts, information from the player, and information from team officials. This will be an analyst position, with scouting involved via watching the players, and researching them through the previously mentioned sources of information. Writers will be paid for every game that they attend and produce content from.

Apply For a Position

To apply for this position, send an e-mail to tim@piratesprospects.com with the following information:

**Which position you are applying for.

**Why would you be a good addition to the site? I get a lot of requests to write for the site, so what could you provide that would separate you from other writers?

**What is your availability for game coverage?

**What is your previous experience (include links to published content)?

For any writing position the following will be very important:

**Great work ethic and independent workers

**Strong writing skills

**Good statistical knowledge, including an understanding of advanced statistics

**The ability to come up with original and interesting topics

**Leaving emotional biases out of the work

**Twitter and social networking experience

**Being a Pirates fan is not a requirement

The site is run on WordPress, so any knowledge of that is a plus.

Writing for Pirates Prospects is a great opportunity for experience and exposure. The site has seen over ten million page views in each of the last two years. Several of our former writers have gone on to get other jobs in media and broadcasting, in part due to the experience they gained while reporting for the site. You’ll get a chance to reach a large audience, while getting valuable experience, and getting some extra money in the process.

Site Updates

  • My name is jeff

  • I’m in Morgantown and will work for beer. I have a computer with spell check and probably the biggest Pirate fan in history. My car is solid, brakes are good, tires fair. I’ll be at every game whether I get the job or not and truly believe this site changes lives. Lastly, I believe the Shaq commercial where he dances is Emmy worthy. Call me if you need me.

  • Man why is the position always paid writer and not paid random guy watching the game. I’d be perfect for the later but sadly little help with the former.

  • Neither of those cities are in Arizona. Neither of those gigs appear to jive with being a full-time graduate student, either.

    I suppose my baseball writing career remains on hold.