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First Pitch: Analysis on the Trepagnier/Salcedo Trade

The Pittsburgh Pirates made their third trade in as many days tonight, sending Bryton Trepagnier away to Atlanta for Edward Salcedo. Unlike the last two moves, this is something that will have zero impact on the Major League level this season. Salcedo isn’t on the 40-man roster, and he didn’t receive an invite to Major League Spring Training. I wouldn’t be surprised if he goes to Altoona this year. He has struggled in Triple-A, and the Pirates are loaded with infield options for Indianapolis. If they want Salcedo getting playing time, then it would make sense to send him to Double-A. It also might help with any adjustments they might want to make with him.

As for the analysis of this deal, there’s not much to say. Salcedo used to be held in enough regard that he received a $1.6 M bonus from the Braves in 2010. He obviously hasn’t panned out as expected, making him an upper level project for the Pirates. And the cost?

Trepagnier throws with some nice velocity, working in the mid-90s when I saw him last year, and featuring sinking action that led to a 55% ground ball rate. He had some poor control numbers, and seems like his upside is just a reliever, if he makes it to the majors. I like the projectable frame, and Trepagnier has already added velocity in his career, going from 88-92 MPH when he was drafted, to his current range in the bullpen. He was drafted in the 41st round in 2010, and has made some impressive strides in his career so far, exceeding where a late round pick would normally reach.

You could also call Trepagnier a project, due to his control issues. He didn’t make our top 50 prospects this year, and Salcedo wouldn’t have made the list either. The Pirates have a lot of minor league relievers like Trepagnier, including guys in the lower levels who can throw mid-90s with control problems. Salcedo can play third base, and they don’t have many players who can do that in the minor league system. He’s a long-shot, but that’s a shot worth taking, especially when you’re trading from an area of strength, which is how I would describe the pitching depth at the top three levels. But overall, this move is a pretty small blip on the radar this off-season.

**Pittsburgh Pirates 2015 Top Prospects: #2 – Jameson Taillon. Any guesses on the number one prospect in the system? If you’ve enjoyed the countdown, buy the 2015 Prospect Guide to get write-ups on the entire top 50 prospects, along with profiles for 200+ players in the system.

**Pirates Trade Bryton Trepagnier To Atlanta Braves. The story on the trade.

**Here is the player page for the guy they got back: Edward Salcedo

**Luis Heredia’s Goal Is To Finish The 2015 Season In Altoona. In this I talk about the changes Heredia has gone through the last few years, while also pointing out that he’s still very young, despite the feeling that he has been around forever.

The Pirates keep getting recognition all around:

**Neil Walker Ranked Fourth Among All Second Baseman

**Tony Watson And Mark Melancon Rank Among Best Relievers In Baseball

**I got a few responses about the new theme in the comments today. For those of you looking for certain features, I’ll have a guide by this weekend, after I get everything finalized. However, some of you mentioned that you couldn’t read the comments. I had that issue on my PC on Chrome, and no other browser. I didn’t have it on my Mac at all. I found out that this was a browser issue, where my Chrome browser on my PC was zoomed in 125%. When I zoomed out to 110% and 100%, the comments showed up. I’m not sure if that’s the solution for everyone who had this problem, but that solved it for me. If you notice anything else, leave a message in the comments.

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Actually, given the Pirates’ plans for Bell at 1B what’s the problem with trying Allie at 3B since he played there in HS?


The Pirates need additional MiLB 3B men, and they seem to like to try former #1 picks (Snider) or the rough equivalent, high bonus international signings who haven’t fulfilled their potential to see if there is something they can fix. (Who was 3B they got from the Angels who was a former #1 and couldn’t make contact?). Low probability of success, but relatively low cost too.

I have thrown out the idea a couple of times now that I’d like to see if Willie Garcia can play 3B. I wonder if NH reads mail from fans?


Yes, I do . . . just kidding. But I bet he has a staffer who does – smart people keep their ears open.

mike perry

I’ve read his defense is pretty poor at 3rd and ss idk about of he played rf


Yeah, looking at his stats in the minors the defensive numbers don’t look that great. He seems average at best and bad at worst. He does have some power though. I think he’s more of a minor league depth guy though rather than a prospect. NH is just filling out the minor league rosters.


Seven: You are too nice – the D stats at 3B are pitiful. How can a guy thought to be a breakout SS who could stick at that position be so awful on defense? Who wrote those glowing accounts of this kid? Miguel Sano could be gold-glovish compared to Salcedo. The only question is will his bat overcome the obvious weaknesses in the field?

R Edwards

I guess the Braves thought it was time to cut their losses, while also giving the kid a chance for a fresh start elsewhere. He is a long shot, but at least he plays a position of need and is young enough to turn things around. Kind of like Broxton before the Pirates signed him.


Salcedo has definite stengths. He has power (when he is able to make contact). He has speed, and tends to steal 20 or so bases a year. He draws walks pretty well (9.7% in 110 games at AAA last year). Apparently his defense at 3B is reasonably good. His only glaring problem is his contact rate – he does not seem capable of hitting for a reasonable average.
The Bucs are so thin at 3B, with Wyatt Mathisen being the only 3B prospect of note and Josh Harrison still being a bit on an unknown in the majors. It makes sense to add a 3B prospect whenever possible without giving up anything the Pirates really need (another RH relief pitcher).
If the Bucs can help him make contact at a reasonable rate, Salcedo could be a quality player. He seems to have every other skill necessary for at least a role in the majors.

mike perry

It’s been a long, and at times, challenging road for Salcedo. An investigation into an age discrepancy wiped away two years of potential playing time before he signed with Atlanta in 2010, but the third baseman is steadily climbing the ladder toward Turner Field and rewarding the Braves’ patience.

Having signed for the largest foreign amateur deal in Braves history

From milb kinda interesting


mike: Let’s hope they are right and the kid is ready to turn the corner.


Tim: This is the type of trade that the Pirates have to walk away from scratching their heads. Salcedo has not been good, but how can the Braves walk away from a former $1.6 mil bonus prospect, who is a 6’3″ SS/3B still only 23 for a 41st round draft pick? This got hair all over it!


Ok, I’m getting a headache keeping up with all these trades. Not that I have a problem with any of them, I’m getting a headache just trying to keep up with them all.


It is just a depth move of little consequence good old fashion Neal Dumpster Dive.


Heh, you’re doing something wrong then.

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