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Pirates Add Kevin Young and Grady Little to the Front Office

The Pittsburgh Pirates have made two additions to the front office today. Bill Brink first reported that the team added former first baseman Kevin Young as a special assistant to the baseball operations staff.

The first thing you usually think about with Young is how his extension really hurt the Pirates about 15 years ago. It also serves as a realization of how much things have changed in the last 15 years. Young was coming off two years where he combined for an .830 OPS, and was about to turn 30. The Pirates gave him four years and $24 M. He produced a .722 OPS during those extension years. By comparison, James Loney was coming off a year last year with a .778 OPS, and was about to turn 30. That was his best season since 2007. He had a .713 OPS in his previous two seasons, and was never over a .756 OPS in the previous five seasons. He landed a three-year, $21 M deal, which was a higher average annual value than Young.

Meanwhile, Young’s deal looked bad due to his .722 OPS over his four-year deal, while Loney had a .726 OPS in the four years before his deal. You can only imagine what Young could have commanded in today’s market.

As for the other addition, Ken Gurnick of MLB.com reports that former Dodgers manager, Grady Little, has also joined the team as a senior advisor.

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A better headline writer would’ve written, “Bucs hope KY will help Pedro fit into first base comfortably.” 🙂

Humor aside, appears that Neal has said working with Pedro will be one of KY’s first jobs as he also made the 3b to 1b transition.

Will Sanchez

but only Searage can teach him how to “throw”

Ben Swogger


William Maloni

I am told by sources in Seven Springs that Grady Little will be handed over to Ray Serage and tried as a set up man or possibly the Bucs primary closer!
His price was right. Pass it on.

Will Sanchez

Kevin Y will replace pedro at 1b after he thows away the first 5 throws…


Maloni is a 1st degree troll. A long time citizen of Smizikstan.


Smizikstan? Where is that? I know of a good blog run by a Mr. Smizik, but surely that can’t be what you are referring to. Mr. Smizik even uses some of Tim’s wisdom in his blog..


Let me know when Daiquido Bazzini shows up here, then I’ll be concerned.

William Maloni

Gee leowalter—I have no idea what your message entails?
Yes, I comment on Smizik;’s blog and yes, I love to use humor in my posts, but not all of the time.
I also comment–not frequently–on Mr. Williams’ board.
Exactly to whom were you blowing a whistle on what?
Lighten up Dude and have some fun, sports writing and commentary is all about “games.”


yes, I love to use humor in my posts, but not all of the time.

Really? You should try using it here sometime.


The first thing I think about with Kevin Young is how his groin managed to somehow stay attached after those splits.


Not sure if the groin on a ball player is the first thing that most men would think of, but it is the 21st century


Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


The Pirates have finally found their first baseman! The Pirates move fast during the Winter Meetings.


Just what I was thinking. Now that Moss is in Cleveland for a AA infielder, I guess we are going to fool around like last year and end up without a 1st basemen only this year we really don’t have an experienced 1st baseman like last year.


Pedro is the 1B its really that simple.

Will Sanchez

Pedro will cost the team more wins than the will produce…the runners will challenge him to trow them out at the plate…and the throw wiil be in the stands…at least ..at 3b the runner was at 3b and 2b..and have to score yet..so a 343 dp won’t happen..if he can throw he belongs in the AL as a DH.anywhere else he is a LIABILITY


So, a guy that has had a plus arm his entire life won’t be able to recover from a mental hiccup? He will be fine at 1B, the plays he struugled with were routine ground balls, not bang bang plays.


Young took hgh and then hosed the Pirates out of 24 million. I hope he is working for free to pay off his debt!!! Lol

Tipsy McStagger

Actually, your timeline is all screwed up. He signed the extension, then was implicated in the Mitchell report first in 2001, then again in 2003.


He took the roids before he signed the extension.

John Lease

Of course he did. Sadly, the Pirates haven’t had a lot of success at first since Pops. Journeymen. LaRoche has really been probably the most significant. Until Pedro, maybe. If Pedro can hit 40 homers and hit .230 or better, I’ll be satisfied.


He was juicing in 97,98 and 99

Lukas Sutton

Along with, you know, most of baseball. Shocking.


The Little addition is interesting. I wonder what they want him to do?


You have to hope it’s not advising Hurdle as to when to keep the starter in the game.


Same question about Young. Is he a scout, skills coach, what?

John Lease

HGH coach.


He could have taken rocket juice, still did not help him, you could have put me on any juice you could find and I still would not of hit the ball out the infield. Juice doesn’t always do it.


Juice doesn’t always do it.

But it sure as heck helps.

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