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AFL: News and Notes For Glasnow, Bell and Others

Scottsdale took on Peoria on Monday afternoon, coming back from the Fall-Star weekend break. Dan Gamache was the only Pittsburgh Pirates player in the lineup. Josh Bell was originally in the starting lineup, but he was a late scratch. Gamache ended up going 0-for-5 with four strikeouts, as Scottsdale lost 6-5 to Peoria. With nine games left in the Arizona Fall League season, Scottsdale trails first place Salt River by six games. The AFL has a one game playoff to decide the championship, with the two division leaders facing off.

The rest of the week will have Thomas Harlan starting on Tuesday afternoon, followed by Tyler Glasnow on Thursday and Joely Rodriguez goes up against Wei-Chung Wang on Friday. Wang was take from the Pirates in the Rule V draft last December by the Milwaukee Brewers. Harlan struck out seven batters in his last start.

An interesting note on the struggles of Josh Bell at the plate in the AFL. Coming into Monday, he had a .613 OPS in 57 at-bats. It ranked him 50th in the league, which is obviously extremely low in a league that has six teams. In the same amount of at-bats, Bell’s OPS is three points ahead of Byron Buxton, who many consider the best prospect in baseball(he left the AFL recently due to a finger injury), so the small sample size of the league can be deceiving. Bell still hasn’t hit a home run in a very long time, 264 plate appearances if you count the regular season and the AFL. Even more if you count the Fall-Stars game from Saturday, the FSL All-Star game and the Futures Game, which all took place since his last homer. So the Buxton comparison gives you some hope, even if the homerless drought doesn’t.

Tyler Glasnow might have a surprising stat if you’ve been following the daily recaps. He had three straight shutout appearances, so it might be hard to believe that he has a 1.73 WHIP. Only 16 of the 74 qualified pitchers in the AFL have a worse WHIP. All four Pirates pitchers are in the bottom half in WHIP, with Adrian Sampson and Joely Rodriguez tied at 1.33 for the best mark. Glasnow and Rodriguez are tied for sixth in the league in strikeouts with 15 apiece.

Gamache’s tough day at the plate dropped his average to .191 on the season. He had just seven strikeouts coming into the game. He is 0-for-13 in his last three games.

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Take a deep breath, guys.


maybe I am missing something – but thought this was the time when our great prospects would begin to shine -Glanow and Bell seem to have taken a step back – how do you start Bell at AAA or Glasnow at AA next year – which would seem to make them 2 and 3 years away from MLB if ever.


Lol. I take it you’re not much into following prospects lonely.. lol


Prospects are just that – prospects…

Let me go on record here…

1. Bell plays 3 seasons in the majors – never bats above .250 or hits more than 1 HR every 50 ABs

2. Glasnow makes it to the majors in 2016 and continues to have a 4+ walk rate and is released in 2017.

3. Two guys we have yet to here from – one pitcher and one batter will make significant contributions to the Bucs during the 2016 season.


You know, it takes no special ability to predict the failure of a prospect. You could take someone from another planet who has never even heard of the game of baseball and have him predict that every single prospect in the minor leagues will not pan out; that person would have a pretty good prediction accuracy rate.

Ian Rothermund

That’s right…prospects are just prospects. Nobodies. A bunch of flesh signed to unnecessary signing bonuses. I mean, both these guys possess fantastic upside, but forget that, since they haven’t produced at high levels for at least 5 years at the major league level, they have no value.

You should be a scout, Lonely. I mean, you sit and read other peoples’ work and pontificate about what a failure Glasnow is going to be after being one of the best minor league pitchers for two years in a row. Your ability to extract data and foresee the future is incredible. Someday I hope to be as wise as you.

To sum up, you’re basically down on two of the best prospects in the system, and openly complaining about them on a website dedicated to reporting information on the organization’s prospects. I’m not saying every move the Pirates make is something to agree with, or that it’s gold, or that I agree with every statement the writers on here make, but come on. You’re like those people that complain weekly about how slowly the Walking Dead storyline moves…while continuing to perpetually watch it.

If there’s no hope for Glasnow or Bell, there’s really not much to look forward to at all.


Well.. next year, two weeks before super two.. if glasnow is back to his old self he’ll be chirping that the front office is too cheap to bring him up.. sacrificing wins for dollars.. forgetting that prospects are just prospects

Ian Rothermund

Ok, so now he’ll never be able to improve his control and he has an attitude problem? Wow, why not trade this guy while he still has some value? I don’t want that kind of guy on the team!


Hmm. I was referring to old self as dominating hitters..

Ian Rothermund

I misunderstood you before. You meant Lonelylib would be complaining that they’re being cheap by not bringing him up. I thought you were saying Glasnow would be saying that.

My bad, I was on aggressor mode. Usually am anytime Lonelylib gets involved. It was like one of those mis-reads you have when texting someone.

My bad.


I don’t think you’re going out on a limb on 2 & 3.. I remain hopeful for bell.. but most all stars were prospects at one time and struggled in small sample sizes.. I think bell will be given more then three years due to his pedigree..

IC Bob

how do you start Bell at AAA or Glasnow at AA next year? Easy you do it because thats what they deserve. You don’t make decisions about players based on 15 games or one bad outing. Glasnow has been wild but nobody is hitting him and reember he i on a really strict pitch count that doesn’t take advantage of him when he is in a grove. As for Bell I would like to see more power but Boston Red Sox said that about Bagwell when they traded him to the Stroes for Gary Anderson and for the next 10 years they regretted it.


Larry Andersen you moron.

Ian Rothermund

And the difference is that Bell is 6’4 240, and Bagwell was clearly on steroids. Other than that, I completely agree with everything you said.

Lee Foo Young

I’m not losing any sleep over these guys’ performance, stat-wise.

Ian Rothermund

Is that a legitimate statement?


Prospect development isn’t linear.


Woof. So depressing

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