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Joe Maddon to be the Next Manager of the Cubs?

The Chicago Cubs have hired Joe Maddon to be their next manager, according to Jon Heyman.

When Maddon left the Rays last week, it was speculated that he could join the Cubs, especially after teams like the Mets and Dodgers were ruled out as possible destinations. The Cubs have been rebuilding under Theo Epstein, and have added some of the best¬†young hitting prospects in the game. They are now adding one of the best managers in the game. The final piece is a need for pitching, and their resources, combined with the low payroll they’ll get from the young hitting talent, will give them plenty of money to go after some of the best available pitchers on the market.

In short, none of this is good news for other NL Central teams.

UPDATE 5:59 PM: Several Chicago writers are saying that Maddon’s camp is denying that a deal is in place, but that doesn’t mean a deal won’t be reached. Ken Rosenthal says he’s talking with the Cubs, and other teams.

Keep in mind that game seven of the World Series is tonight, and MLB typically tries to hold back any other news from taking any of the spotlight away from the World Series. That could be a factor here, and is definitely why I don’t think anything will be official for another day or two.

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Renteria as our new bench coach?


Just wait , all this speculation about the free agency market. Its the same nonsense every year , in October the analysts swear all the executives are being prudent and frugal toward free agency , leading to modest market projections . Though I do believe the front office claim of plans to stretch their comfort zone, Martin , Liriano and Volquez will each receive such absurd offers that there is no chance of seeing any of the three back in Pittsburgh.- Sharpen Diaz’ framing skills and earmark the 8 slot in the batting order.


See what’s happening to Tampa. Only a matter of time before our organization is pillaged as well. Executives , coaches , scouts , management . You could argue it has already started .It is no longer enough for the big markets to take our players , now they want to pluck our management as well. MLB does us no favors either. For example, The rule implemented to limit money allocated to signing bonuses toward draft picks. Who is affected by this? There is no concern for the upward trajectory of the big market payroll toward $300 million payroll ( the more the Yankees vow to trim payroll the more $100 million deals they seem to sign). Oddly , however, Pittsburgh allocates extra funds to signing bonuses for high school draftees and a rule is immediately implemented to limit those bonuses. MLB is committed to competitive balance though , right?


That’s one way to look at it. Another way is that the Tampa Bay model as executed by Friedman had a limited life. Their recent drafts have been awful – even accounting for them picking lower. As a result their minor league system is now poor and other than Longoria and the aging Zobrist, they’ve sold off all their big names.

Tampa Bay is a franchise going nowhere for the foreseeable future, so every man for himself. Can’t blame Friedman for running away from his mistakes, nor Maddon for not wanting to babysit for several years until it comes together again. Who wouldn’t want to manage the Cubs?


Totally agree. I don’t blame those guys a bit. It’s not on them. Its on MLB to stop cutting the balls off the small market. They did sell off their bigger names.. For good reason. WS ended tonight and no more hope of James Sheilds returning to KC then to Tampa. You don’t see our own future here? We had a few of the best drafts in history. Then MLB cut our nuts off. Since then our drafts are not extraordinary nor will they be again. You honestly believe Neil Walker or Pedro will be here in 3 years?Trade them or get nothing. Even worse , with no way to create an advantage in the draft , after we do trade everyone we have no means to pay , we will have exhausted this LAST infusion of prospects. Why do you think they are so hesitant to trade ANY of them to fill holes, even for rentals? And if I am wrong and this system is superior to Tampa , then back to the original problem. Our execs , managements , coaches and scouts are lured away by dollars we could not possibly allocate to non players. MLB is sleazy. Even the money given from top 5 clubs to bottom , isn’t mandated to go back into the team. As was here with the prior regime. Putting that $25 mill into the Trib co. , as the newspaper industry joined the polaroid…. Only rules that exist are to benefit the big market. Not because MLB wants them to win, but because , I am sure the L.A.’s and N.Y’s and Chi.’s can make it beneficial for the league office , who works for the owners btw , where as we represent the step children. That is why an NFL PRE -SEASON game gets double the T.V rating as MLB game 7. NFL has true competitive balance and MLB is a microcosm of the polluted corrupt system we live in today.NFL is national and MLB is regional. When your city is eliminated you don’t watch anymore. This B.S, doesn’t just hurt the Pirate fan it destroys the leagues integrity and really the league itself.

Lukas Sutton

Its also on TB fans for not showing up to the park and giving incentive for anyone to stay around. Tampa is really a unique case as the fans dont show up enough to allow the team to increase payroll, thus limiting them to hitting on the draft every year (which never happens) and getting creative with FAs. Teams like Oak and Pit are different as they have been able to get fans to the park to allow them more room to operate with FAs and become destinations in some ways. Beane stayed in Oak, Friedmen bolted. I dont think a trend can be seen yet that convinces me that small markets are being pillaged by larger markets. Heck, the relationship Maddon had with the GM is a unique case in itself. Rarely does the manager get that attached and in line with FO thinking.


Totally correct. Empty building in an extremely depressed area. Even with our stadium full all summer… 9th in N.L in attendance …IN THE NATIONAL LEAGUE ! Tempting to a brilliant guy with that handicap to play with $300 mill. We nearly didn’t re-sign Huntington 2 years ago…OOPS ! This will be a new trend because these guys are applying new thinking to the operation of the entire organization. What to value that no one does , and , big and , how and where to allocate our precious funds.


Sure, Bucs could go the way of the Rays and fade into the background. Or, they could scout, draft and develop as good as the Cards and stay competitive. The Cards continue to draft well. #1 system in 2013, #6 in 2014.


St. Louis is large enough a baseball market to swallow us whole. That is the point , just think , if Tampa was doomed to fail but they doubled the salary of all of their management to jump ship…. How long , and how much before they want the brain trust running our little gold mine? Tampa has had quite an impressive and improbable run , btw , and in an empty stadium. I read on this very sight , that they believe in the next 2 years big offers will be made to our GM , Pitching Coach and number of scouts. Listen to the Bannister hiring conference… They don’t want him as much as a guy that has been entrenched of all aspects of our operating system. So even before they hijack our top minds , they will have already hijacked our ideas , philosophy and strategies , that is the alue in a guy and background like Jeff Bannister

Lee Foo Young

Our manager is better?

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