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Pirates Claim LHP Bobby LaFromboise Off Waivers From San Diego

The Pittsburgh Pirates have claimed left-handed pitcher Bobby LaFromboise (“lah-frahm-BOYCE”) off waivers from the San Diego Padres, according to a team press release. They have designated Tommy Field for assignment to make room on the 40-man roster.

LaFromboise has 10.2 career innings in the majors, all coming with Seattle last year at the age of 27. In that time he had a 5.91 ERA, a 9.3 K/9, and a 3.4 BB/9. He was selected off waivers by San Diego from Seattle earlier this year. In 53 innings at the Triple-A level, LaFromboise has a 4.75 ERA, a 7.6 K/9, and a 3.6 BB/9. He mostly works off deception, with a fastball that tops out in the low 90s, but usually sits in the upper 80s. He’s a sidearm pitcher who gets a lot of movement on the fastball, and works a lot with his off-speed stuff. The Pirates could use him as a third lefty in the bullpen and a situational guy in September.

Overall, this is just another in what is becoming a long-line of waiver claims by the Pirates. They designated Tommy Field for assignment, a few weeks after he was claimed from the Angels. My guess is that the overall goal here is to claim players, then try to have them slip through waivers when the next claim comes along.

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LaFromboise is a LOOGY: he has a K/BB rate of 20/3 against lefties and 25/18 against rightes. I don’t think the organization puts too much value into LOOGYs, but it’s nice to have one around when the rosters expand in Sept.


Dumpster diving when the fans are being told to step up to half or full season packages if they want playoff tickets….



I am certain that no other organization in MLB claims AAA players for organizational depth. This is all you can find to complain about I guess.


Oh I can find lots to complain about.
1. Lambo being in Indy
2. Ike Davis being on the team
3. Sitting on their hands and checkbook when Jose Abreu was there for the taking and would have been a real first base solution
4. Not making QO to a guy who played a huge roll in ending a horrible 20 years
5. Team pretending that Martinez, Morel and Nix are ML players.
6.not making the adjustment to improve the defense that need to be made – walker to a corner and cutch to left field

And I could go on

Will Sanchez

well said..my of the wall idea is to make cucth the 1 b…with all the surplus of “OF” we have..Tabata, Rojas, Snyder,Marte and Polanco…not counting Harrinson..he should 3b Alvares ..traded to an AL club where he can be DH,3b and 1b the second coming of “David Ortiz”..


I often disagree with you lonley. I will agree with you on #1 , #2 , #3 and #5 . Especially #5 . I disagree with #6 . You don’t make those changes mid-season (unless you have a 3rd baseman who is leading the league in errors).


Thx – pretty good if I got you on 4 out of 6 😉

#6 is something I thought should be addressed in May – tend to agree you don’t/can’t make the moves you need to now – too late…

Over the winter some long hard discussions need to be had with the players involved. Cutch is not going to like the idea – but the data is there for all – including him to see. PNC needs his speed and range in Left – and Marte’s arm in Center.

Walker is a good athlete and actually had some 3rd base experience – but he has hurt them defensively – and cost them runs at second. And it is not about the errors – he just does not cove the ground and get to ball that an average ML 2nd baseman should


No. 1 may be legit, No. 2 is questionable, No. 5 isn’t even a questionable assumption,every orginization has had to use guys like this under similar injury situations, 3 is ridiculous any time, and No. 6 at this time of the season regarding Walker. Regarding McCutchen, I can only imagine what the the fall out from that proposition would be ! Nate McLouth refused to move over for McCutchen, how do you think 22 would take that kind of an order ? These aren’t Little Leaguers you are dealing with here. If you stuck to the truly questionable issues, you would have much more credibility with most who comment here.


Nobody is being told to step up. If you want the advantage that comes with season ticket plans, i.e., first chance on playoff tickets, then you buy a season ticket plan. What’s the problem?



So why did I get this notice from the Bucs that I would not be guaranteed playoff tickets unless I upgraded my two twenty game tickets to half or full season – maybe it’s from that guy in Nigeria who keeps emailing me about the millions he wants to send me….


Because if you want the benefit of a season ticket plan you need to buy season tickets. You didn’t pony up the dough for a season ticket plan– you have 20-game ticket packages– but you want the benefits of a season ticket plan anyway.

I want the ultra platinum customer care warranty for my car– the one where all repairs are covered, you get a free loaner, etc. But I didn’t pay for it. What right do I have to whine about the dealer not giving me the ultra platinum care when I didn’t buy it?

Is this some change from previous seasons or something? Look around the rest of MLB; some teams only guarantee playoff tickets to season ticketholders, while others are more flexible. Also, lots of teams make waiver wire claims. The Cardinals, of all organizations, made at least one this season. Are they– along with all the other organizations that made a waiver claim– as classless as the Pirates?

Will Sanchez

my 2 cents..we are not going to the playoffs ….so is a mute point…window of opportunity closing very fast…we did not spend the $ to improve..next year..Martin is NOT coming back..he will take the $ and run…just like when came here.(we out bid the YANKS) and the cards will always be competitive and and the cubs and their (5) rated (A )prospects are on their way up and they have the $ to back that up…so say hello to a of .500 club


I would love to purchase a season ticket plan, only problem is the commute from florida to pittsburgh would be murder.lol


The pirates are getting quite good at these low level waiver claims, maybe they are just practicing for when they get a good starter.

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