Prospect Highlights: Amazing Catch By Center Fielder Chase d’Arnaud

The title might throw off some people that remember Chase d’Arnaud the middle infielder, but he has been playing center field for Indianapolis recently and he made this incredible catch yesterday. He is doing more than just playing great defense recently, he’s also contributing on offense, hitting .350 in 17 July games, with an .831 OPS.

A couple other highlights from the last couple days. The first is the second homer of the day by Andrew Lambo from Saturday’s Indianapolis game. He is 7-for-17 since returning to Indianapolis four games ago. He went 4-for-25 in eight rehab games split between the GCL and Jamestown.

Video three is GCL outfielder Luis Benitez with a stand-up triple from Saturday’s game. Even slowing up, he made it home to third in 11 seconds. That was the first extra-base hit this year for the 20-year-old switch-hitter, who spent the last two seasons in the Dominican Summer League.

  • He should replace Martinez. I couldn’t watch the game but I think he would be a better option in that scenario

  • Wow, haven’t see a former SS play CF like that since Chad Hermanso—ooohhh never mind. Great catch though.

  • I was thinking the same thing Wilder. Move Pedro to 1B (or trade him if he finishes strong), JHay takes over at 3B and Chase is the Super UT. Though maybe Walker to 3B and Harrison at 2B makes more sense, assuming you don’t care about continuity.

    • Van_Wilder_0812
      July 22, 2014 12:23 am

      I don’t think we see Pedro move to first unless the Pirates sign a very friendly extension, which may be possible since Boras was willing to talk about it a few years back, but I doubt it.

      I do like the idea of extending Walker and moving him back to third eventually. It’s help sure up the defense on that side of the field and the Pirates have a few guys who can play 2B in the system. I don’t think I’ll believe Harrison is an every day guy unless I see the same stuff happening in 2015.

  • The Bucs have outfielders and pitchers coming out their ears, but no corner infield jewels coming up.