Pirates Sign Gage Hinsz For $580,000

The Pittsburgh Pirates have signed right-handed pitcher Gage Hinsz to an over-slot deal, according to Jim Callis.

Hinsz was an 11th round pick out of high school, and was able to command a high bonus. Any pick after the 10th round can receive up to $100,000 before counting against the bonus pool. Any amount over that first $100,000 counts towards the pool. Hinsz was signed for $580,000, which means only $480,000 counts towards the bonus pool.

The Pirates had $131,300 remaining in their bonus pool, although they’re able to go up to 5% over their bonus pool without losing a future draft pick. They went right up to the limit, as 5% amounts to $484,485 total that they could have spent. The Pirates only have $4,485 remaining before they’d lose a draft pick, which means they’re likely done signing picks. The Pirates will have to pay a fine on the overage, paying a 75% tax on the amount above their bonus pool. Their fine is an extra $261,525. You can’t really attribute that money to Hinsz, since it reflects the total money spent.

Hinsz is a projectable pitcher with some good upside. We ranked him the 20th best prospect in the system in our mid-season update. For more on Hinsz, check out his player page.

  • ironically a new sky lift cost $261,525……
    lol at myself

  • Nice finish to signings for the year. Credit that they spent over to get it done too.

  • Walter johnson type find? Middle of nowhere beat the bushes.

    • Actually he plays American Legion Ball which I think is about 50 games around Montana, Wyoming, etc.and then plays in Tournaments in Seattle, Colorado, and Eugene, Oregon in addition to being at all of the high talent evaluation clinics. For example, when I was growing up, I played for the Shaler American Legion Team after the HS season ended, and it was much more competitive than HS Baseball. He is already competing on a post HS stage.

  • Very cool! Nice work signing this year by NH.

    Question: would MLB ever consider capping the total number if international signings (not the $ amount)? That way the yanks/dodgers/cubs/sox can still battle for the high end, but it distributes more talent to more clubs.