Pirates Have Two High Level Scouts Watching David Price and Jon Lester

The Boston Red Sox and the Tampa Bay Rays have the pitching matchup of the night, with Jon Lester going up against David Price. Both pitchers are rumored to be possible additions to the trade block by the end of next week. Ken Rosenthal reports that the Pittsburgh Pirates and the San Francisco Giants both have two high level scouts watching the matchup.

It’s hard to say if the Pirates are there watching Price, Lester, or both. Price has a year remaining before he hits free agency, and will be due a raise over his $14 M salary this year. Lester is in the final year of his contract, making $13 M this year. The Red Sox have tried to extend him, but the latest reports have the talks stalling.

Both pitchers would probably cost a lot in prospects, especially with the starting pitching market already being a seller’s market, and already susceptible to high demands.

Rosenthal also says that the Braves, Orioles, Mariners, Cubs, and Nationals have top evaluators present.

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How about someone scout anyone, and I do mean anyone, to replace Frieri? Because he’s absolutely terrible when there is ANY chance of his appearance impacting the outcome of the game. If there is any leverage in the situation he implodes.


And thank you too Captain Obvious !


Watching the game, Walk mentioned that Chuck’s velocity dropped off and he wasn’t even hitting 90 in the 7th with the two-seamer. Hoping it was only the thin air that got to him and not something worse.

Andy Prough

I hope our highest level scouts and entire FO are all watching this disaster in Colorado tonight. Frieri has no business pitching at any level above A ball. The dude has no clue how to be an MLB pitcher. Nice job – turning a 1-0 deficit in the 7th inning into an 8-0 deficit all by himself. Why are we attempting to clean up the Angels’ mess on this one???


Why thank you Captain Hindsight ! Were you first or second in the line of Mo Rons screaming to get rid of Grilli ?

Andy Prough

I don’t recall mentioning wanting to get rid of Grilli. I’ve been interested in seeing Watson try his hand at closer all season though.

Do you just randomly call people morons without any idea what you are complaining about?


Why would you want to take Melancon out of the closer role??? He has blown exactly 1 save where he started the 9th inning. He has 1 8th inning blown save, Watson has a couple. Melancon has 1 other blown save when he came in with the bases loaded in the 9th. Melancon has been lights out but it baffles me that people keep wanting him replaced!


I was complaining about your Monday AM quarterbacking, to use an NFL analogy. And no,I don’t just randomly use the term. Just when I feel it is deserved.


I don’t disagree about frieri,however I watched grilli the other night and he looked just as bad as he did here at the end of his stay.


Who cares about his ERA? It’s all about WAR. Please get with the stats that matter.


Hey the advanced metrics said ole Frieri was pitching in some bad luck when we traded for him. Oh well, time for Neal to find someone else of the scrap heap.


So last year we had the supposed trade rumors with regards to Stanton, and this year its Price/Leister. Once again Neal and company trying to fool the fanbase into believing this organization really wants to win a championship. Of course the next thing we will hear is that we offered our top 3 prospects and that wasn’t enough to make the deal. All of the Nutting lovers will breath a big sigh of relief that the deal didn’t happen, and will point to advanced metrics why it would have been a bad deal anyway. Good boy Neal, you should receive a bonus for executing Nutting’s plan of deception flawlessly.


You are….not worth it to say what I am thinking.


I clicked a +1 by accident but I am now going to stand by it. In all my days of reading non-sensible posts on the internent, this is by far one of the funniest I’ve ever seen. I truly applaud your efforts and wish you further success for years to come. Today, you made it in my book

Nathan Swartz

How do we know they weren’t checking on Zobrist, Andrew Miller, Loney, etc?
You’re right, they don’t want to win a championship. They were prefer to just go to extravagant lengths to make us think they want to. Those sneaky FO guys, always playing their Jedi mind games with us dim witted regular Joes. And those brainwashed nerds that believe advanced metrics…pffft, those losers probably believe in silly things like “science” and “facts” over the good ol’ eye test, RBIs, trusting their gut.

Is there even such a thing as a Nutting Lover?


Loney the same guy who we could have obtained for no assets in return in the off season, so now we are going to give up assets to get him??? Yeah that makes sense.

Nathan Swartz

Never said I thought they should. Just that they could be.


You’re clueless! This was the last post of yours I will read.


Giants – good rotation. not a good farm.
Braves – already have outstanding rotation. not a good farm.
Orioles – could use an upgrade. some chips in the farm to trade with. definite competitor for their services.
Mariners – some chips. could use upgrade. definitely in win now mode. Jack Z isn’t very smart.
Cubs- uhhhhh this is a head scratcher. why buy ace now?
Nationals – have some chips but already have awesome rotation.

but i’m kind of confused. why even bother scouting these guys? isn’t it already clear that they’re awesome? i guess scouts like to watch body language and stuff. or maybe they wanna see some of the teams’ relievers as well?


I agree, I don’t understand the Cubs being there. I assume it would be harder for either to trade to Baltimore since it’s a division rival. While I would love to see either in Black $ Gold, especially Price. The cost will be too much. They both will want Glasnow and more, probably a lot more like Bell and Kingham. I wouldn’t trade Glasnow straight up for either. Lester is pure rental, now way worth Glasnow. Price would be for a year and 2 months. I would rather have Glasnow for 7 years. If Lester or Price would agree to an extension at time of trade then that would change everything but that won’t happen.

S Brooks

Oh, I’d trade Glasnow for Price in a heartbeat. The history of pitching prospects rated in the top 50 who, like Glasnow, were projected to arrive in the majors in 1-2 years is spotty at best.

Between 2007-2010, there were 33 of these guys. Here’s how that’s turned out:

2 true aces (Kershaw, Bumgarner);

3 mid-rotation starters (Matt Moore, Rick Porcello, Shelby Miller),

3 ace/mid guys whose progress has been derailed by injury (Jarrod Parker, Zack Wheeler, Martin Perez);

4 back-rotation starters (Ross Detwiler, Jhoulys Chacin, Brett Anderson Tyler Matzek)

11 guys who don’t even start anymore (Andrew Miller, Wade Davis, Luke Hochevar, Carlos Carrasco, Scott Elbert, Jake McGee, Fautino de los Santos, Aaron Crow, Tanner Scheppers, Chris Withrow, Nick Hagadone)

3 fringe starters who will probably be relievers soon (Franklin Morales, Jacob Turner, Christian Friedrich)

7 washed out or never made it to the show (Chris Volstad, Dan Cortes, Casey Kelly, Deolis Guerra, Tim Alderson, Mike Montgomery, Casey Crosby)

Basically there’s a 1 in 4 chance that a Top 50 pitching prospect in single-A will be more valuable over his controllable years than Price will be for the next year and a half. That’s a risk I would gladly take.


I can understand your thinking here but just because others have failed doesn’t mean Glasnow will. What if he is Stephen Strasburgh, that would look really bad. He has the stuff that he could be that, hitters flat out can not hit him. I would understand if the Bucs did make that trade since they would get a 1st round pick back when Price turned down a QO and left. I still would not do the trade if it were me. Glasnow would go nowhere as I think he is going to be the Ace in 2 years. I also think it would cost Bell with him to get Price and there is no way I would give both of them for a year and 2 months of Price. That is my thoughts but I would understand if they did because there would be 2 legitimate shots at a World Series with Price leading the staff.

S Brooks

Agreed, Glasnow alone will not get it done. Tampa will want at least one other A prospect and a couple of Bs or Cs. I would set my limit at Glasnow+Hanson+Stolmy and hope that gets it done.

The point I wanted to make about Glasnow is, while he has tremendous upside, he also has risk, and it’s not like we haven’t seen him struggle with control the last two years in A ball. So to project the upside without acknowledging the downside is risky.

That said, I wouldn’t part with Glasnow for a mid-rotation arm. We are talking about an ace in David Price, one of the 10 best SPs in baseball right now.

David Lewis

I wonder if sometimes teams send scouts to watch players they have no intention of trying to trade for, just to mess with people…

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