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Clint Barmes to Disabled List, Pirates Recall Michael Martinez

The Pittsburgh Pirates have placed infielder Clint Barmes on the 15-day disabled list and recalled infielder Michael Martinez from Indianapolis. The move was made retroactive to June 30th.

Martinez was up briefly with the Pirates last month, getting into one game. He has been on a hot streak at the plate recently for Indianapolis, hitting .424 in his last ten games. The switch-hitter, who can play the outfield as well, has had a horrible time against left-handed pitching this year, batting .159, with a .438 OPS. As a lefty, he is hitting .293 in 188 at-bats.

Barmes has played 42 games this year, hitting .239 in 88 at-bats. He’s played all four infield positions, getting most of his time at shortstop. Since the move was made retroactive to six days ago when he last played, he likely won’t miss more than the next nine days, barring any setback of course.

Updated 2:38pm: Well despite the move being retroactive, Barmes has a groin injury that will keep him out 4-6 weeks. He got hurt during BP yesterday, while he was taking grounders.

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S Brooks

And now the Dean Anna claim makes more sense.


I have a technical question – if the Bucs move Barmes to the 60 day DL – 6 weeks is 42 days – so not much of a reach – does that free up a spot on the 40 man?

I too think this was a lost opportunity to bring up Matt Hague and give him shot – right hand platoon and pinch hit…

Could come in handy over the next week…


If he goes on the 60 day DL, it would open a spot on the 40 man roster.



John Lease

I would rather Chase d’Arnaud get another shot. He isn’t hitting in AAA this year, but he can field and he can pinch run. Martinez shouldn’t be wasting a 40 man roster spot.

Monsoon Harvard

I have to believe Martinez is only here temporarily, unless he makes a significant contribution. I understand that they must have someone capable of playing middle infield especially while Harrison is being used in other positions, but Martinez isn’t even a shortstop.
It could be worse, they could have called up Robert Andino.


He said he’ll miss 4-6 weeks

Timothy Wolfe

I would have rather them called up D’arnoud- at least he can be a pinch runner late and add something to the team

Lee Young

Hopefully MM never has to bat unless we are winning BIG!


Um… story is missing some info… WHY was Barmes put on the DL?

Lee Young

groin injury…..Barmes injured on a throw during yesterday’s batting practice


John: WHY – a 32 year old MI who has been in the majors parts of 4 years and has NEVER hit above the Mendoza Line? This is truly a waste of an opening on the 40 man roster where we could have added additional pitching for at least 10 days. Think Cumpton would like to be in the clubhouse with the rest of the guys? This is typical of teams who do not think – a middle infielder goes down, well then we absolutely MUST bring up another middle infielder even though we may never use him. C’mon guys use a little imagination! In these days of the internet and cell phones, if somebody goes down, a replacement can be there in a few hours. Right now we have Alvarez, Mercer, Walker, and Harrison who are all healthy – why Martinez? Hell, Russell Martin could play the infield if needed.

How did the Pirates ever get to the point where they would even try infield shifts? Drafting HS Pitchers/Players in late rounds and Overpaying to sign them? Conducting their own para-military developmental program? Where is it written that we must have 13 position players and 12 Pitchers? We have used Barmes for 4 AB’s in the last 14 days, and we do not need a defensive replacement anywhere, so WHY?

Timothy Wolfe

emjay- have you been smokin’ something? This move is more irrelevant than anything ANYONE has complained about all year. Go watch the games and enjoy the winning streak. Don’t post while under the influence of idiocy

Timothy Wolfe

That being said- there is no reason for martinez, and i doubt he’ll be up long. All it means is- we have no real needs right now, so we don’t worry about options or roster spots, and just call up a filler. I guess it shows they don’t want Harrison playing shortstop- at all. Too bad


” In these days of the internet and cell phones, if somebody goes down, a replacement can be there in a few hours.”

What does this have to do with anything?


SP/st: Because a player could be in Pittsburgh from AAA in a matter of hours, there is no need to have this guy sitting there on the end of the bench. We are going into 7 games on the road – 4 in St Louis, then 3 in Cincy and then the AS Break. Unless I am mistaken, we will need pitching help more than Martinez. The non-point laden stuff was the Pirate way of doing things “outside the box” because they have to be different to succeed, and then this move? If we think we need a bat, there are others at AAA more deserving. Matt Hague is a good example since we are watching Steve Pearce finally get it together for B’more. And, now that we know that Barmes will be out 4-6 weeks, why not Hague? I prefer an extra pitcher, but a better hitter than both Barmes and Martinez would be beneficial also.


Yeah, the guy called up from Indy can be with the big club in a matter of hours. A matter of 12-24 or so hours, but that’s besides the point.

But they ain’t gonna hold the game while he gets to the stadium because Walker’s back flared up again and Harrison, Alvarez, and Mercer are already on the field playing. Seriously, what are you ‘sposed to do in that scenario– or several other similar scenarios that might come up where the club’s backup IF is needed?

Yeah, having an extra pitcher could help win some games. But you kinda have to trust that the pitching rotation and bullpen is gonna perform as you expect them to. If they don’t, and it costs a game, well… that’s just the game of baseball. But if it costs a game because you have Chris Stewart playing 2B because the backup IF is sitting on a plane, well… that’s just stupidity.


Emjay – I don’t agree with your shifts/HS/military commentary which is non-point-laden – and I don’t agree with the need for Cumpton at this point either who is better served to continue to start.
I also don’t agree with bringing up Martinez – although nothing against him – I just feel like the better person to promote is Matt Hague. He’s absolutely been a league leader in AAA and his bat off the bench could win a game – especially since he’s been hitting in the cleanup spot most of the year for the Indians and leads AAA in RBI.
Wrong Person Neal!! #freematthague #freehitman

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