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Pirates Announce Five Draft Signings, Including Kevin Krause

The Pittsburgh Pirates have announced the signings of five of their 2014 draft picks, including ninth round pick Kevin Krause. They have now signed all of their draft picks in the top ten rounds. No financial terms were released for Krause. You can view Krause’s player page here.

Earlier today, we provided the bonus details for third round pick Jordan Luplow and how it affects the Pirates overall bonus pool. Now that all of the top ten picks are signed, we now just need to hear the bonus amounts for Connor Joe, Nelson Jorge and Krause before we know how much the Pirates will have left in their bonus pool for over-slot deals.

Here are the links for the other four players that were announced today. All were mentioned here already.

Connor Joe

Jordan Luplow

Erik Forgione

David Andriese

The Pirates have now signed 30 players. Our draft signing tracker has been updated with all of the new players.

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W Zimmerman

Joe is a really good player but I am surprised he went this high and I hope they did not overpay for him. Even if he signed for under slot I don’t see enough left for Hinsz. It only leaves 4th or 5th round money and I don’t think that is enough for Hinsz. He turned down second round offer earlier.


Depending on what Nelson got, it looks like they could currently offer Hinsz up to $544,785. That would be solid 3rd round money. Haven’t heard anything on him turning down 2nd round money, only heard that on Keller.

Still think Welmon is better than Hinsz.

W Zimmerman

I agree about Welmon. He dominated in the same conference that Joe is in. In an article in a local Billings paper Hinsz said he turned down multiple offers including a second round offer from the Pirates. He said the Pirates are giving him 4 weeks to make up his mind.


I absolutely love Joe’s swing and power. He reminds me a lot of Anthony Rendon. So Rendon is a 2b and Joe is a 1b. So what – good bat = good bat.

R Edwards

Joe isn’t a first baseman – the Pirates said they are putting him in RF.


Actually Joe looks athletic enough he may be able to move to 3b down the road.

Nathan Swartz

I’ve officially joined the Connor Joe fan club. Poor kid gets bashed by most (including myself on draft day) this site like HE did something wrong. Connor, go forth and kick ass my friend. Make us eat a pile of crow so large, we end up in Guinness Book.
I know most people will say they are only questioning the FO on this one, but I can’t imagine being CJ and being excited at being drafted only to check out a site and see everyone saying what a waste you are.

Sorry, just had a teacher workshop (there is no summer!)…must be all sensitive to the young people’s needs at the moment.

R Edwards

I never bashed Connor Joe – I only bashed the Pirates for drafting him when they drafted him. I would never criticize the player, because he obviously has no control over where he gets drafted and by who. My issue is we traded Morris for this pick – so, Connor Joe may feel additional pressure to justify that pick.

Personally, I still feel it was a bad trade – as it weakened the current parent team – and we used the pick to draft an outfielder which did not seem like a position of need – when there were other middle infielders, first basemen, etc available.. I hope Connor Joe proves me wrong in 2-4 years.


No way there’s enough money left to sign Gage Hinsz the is there?

Matt Beam

I have nothing against drafting Joe, but it was a mistake if they paid him anything beyond the $1-1.2M range and even that range had to be more than he could have possibly expected pre draft


Would probably depend on the bonuses of Joe, Thomas, Krause, and Jorge. If we assume they all signed for slot, they could pay Hinsz $337,185 and not lose a draft pick. That’s 4th/5th round money. I haven’t seen a bonus demand on him.

That said, I’d expect them to save on Joe and maybe save like 50K tops on Jorge and Krause combined given what their trend has been on picks in that range.


Eric Thomas, Jr.’s bonus would probably help, too. Have to figure he was overslot.

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