Pirates Agree to Deal With Two Draft Picks

The Pittsburgh Pirates have agreed to terms with at least two of their draft picks so far, Pirates Prospects has learned. Sixth round pick Tyler Eppler and 18th round pick Erik Lunde have agreed to terms and will be signing soon.

Eppler is a right-handed pitcher from Sam Houston State, and was drafted as a college junior. Lunde is a college senior, and played second base as Lander University. Both players are expected to go to Jamestown, due to their age.

There are a few other names that we’ve heard will be signing either today or tomorrow. We’re working to confirm those, and will have updates as they come in. For more on the first two players, check out their player pages.

Tyler Eppler

Erik Lunde

  • Tim do you know if there is a limit on how many players can be in the whole organization?

  • There’s something about Lunde’s stats that I like – great OBP, 38 XBH’s in 250 AB’s, and most importantly, more walks than K’s the last 2 years. Playing second base, the lack of speed and any potential deficiencies on defense don’t worry me…best case, potentially Dustin Pedroia…worst case, we have a typical 18th round pick possibly in the mold of a Jarek Cunningham

    • When he was drafted it said to put his numbers in context. The team ops was around 950.

      • I realize that, and I’m going by nothing more than a gut feeling, which was based on his stats from all four years…Eppler, on the other hand, I feel is going to be complete crap

        • if he becomes Dustin Pedroia the Bucs had a fantastic draft (will keep my fingers crossed for that).

  • And at the risk of asking a question that’s already been answered – when do we find out the PTBNL if it’s someone from the 2013 draft?

    • It’s a year from when they signed. So, you’d have to check last year’s Player tracker. All the dates will be different.

  • Tim, did you guys do the short season preivews? The signings of these guys reminded me that there’s a whole bunch of 2013 draftees that haven’t played this year (the ones that aren’t in WV).