Russell Martin Expects to Return From the DL on Wednesday

I missed this earlier today, but Ken Rosenthal had Russell Martin on the radio this afternoon, and Martin said that he expects to return from the disabled list on Wednesday.

Martin still has a one game suspension to serve when he returns, which he basically received for getting mad at Carlos Gomez and the Brewers during the brawl on April 20th.

  • Thank god. Watching Tony Sanchez behind the plate makes you want to throw up. He can’t frame pitches like Russell, can’t block like Russell, and certainly cannot throw at all. Yes, he’s still relatively inexperienced, but it is really scary watching him defensively behind the plate. Yes, he blocks pitches…he just does not control the blocks very well and you certainly do not want him to have to make any throw.

    • …..and he is not paid like Russell. Shocking that a rookie can’t do everything an 8 year veteran can isn’t it? In other news, he isn’t as bad as Kendall, Doumit, or Barajas behind the plate. We’ve only had Russ one year, lets not lose perspective