Prospect Highlights: More Extra Base Hits From Gregory Polanco

On Tuesday night, the only thing that could stop Gregory Polanco was the weather. He went 4-for-4 with a double and triple in a game that was called after six innings. Before the rain came, Polanco hit a ball into the right/center gap and when the ball got away from the center fielder, he turned on the plus speed and made it safely into third base.

If that wasn’t enough Polanco for you today, how about his double from the first inning?

From the “take what you can get” category, the one West Virginia highlight from Tuesday. Since arriving in Greenville on Sunday, there has been one Power video each day. Prior to that, there was one video in the first five weeks combined. This one is Danny Collins hitting his second homer. After being drafted last year in the 13th round, Collins hit four homers in his first six games. Since then, he has homered five times in 91 games.

  • It’s getting harder to watch and read about the Polanco highlight machine while the Pirates drop further out of the race while watching Hurdle make desperate moves that backfire and cost the Pirates runs like putting an infielder in right field instead of a good defensive outfielder like Jaff Decker which may have cost Cole 2 runs and then putting a hit and run on with Tabata at first and Mercer hitting. Heartbreaking to watch after last year.