West Virginia Power Release Opening Day Roster

The West Virginia Power released their 2014 Opening Day roster on Wednesday morning. They will eventually have four of the Pittsburgh Pirates top ten prospects in Austin Meadows, Reese McGuire, Harold Ramirez and Luis Heredia. Meadows will begin the season in Extended Spring Training due to hamstring issues. Left-handed pitchers are marked with an asterisk. The 2014 minor league season opens on Thursday. You can find the rosters at the bottom of the page for the other three full season teams in the Pirates organization.


Jonathan Barrios

Buddy Borden

Shane Carle

Cody Dickson*

Felipe Gonzalez

Luis Heredia

Henry Hirsch

Will Kendall*

Jerry Mulderig

Dovydas Neverauskas

Clario Perez

Isaac Sanchez

Justin Topa


Francisco Diaz

Reese McGuire


Danny Collins

Chris Diaz

Edwin Espinal

Mike Fransoso

JaCoby Jones

Wyatt Mathisen

Erich Weiss


Barrett Barnes

Candon Myles

Harold Ramirez

Other Full Season Rosters

Indianapolis Indians

Altoona Curve

Bradenton Marauders

  • mysonisnamedafterRoberto
    April 2, 2014 10:35 am

    West Virginia is going to be an interesting and possibility the best team we have seen.

    On the mound you have the only other left handed pitching prospect outside of Joely Rodriguez, in Cody Dickson.
    You have big questions with Borden and can he transform into a pitching prospect. After only 16 innings late year, what type of workload can we expect? There is Luis Heredia and can he progress and move up to Bradenton during the season and
    get himself back on track to being the top pitching prospect everyone thinks he can. Then you have two project players
    that will also be interesting to see through progression: Neverauskas, the young Lithuanian and Jonathan Barrio becoming a RP after years of being a mediocre OF.

    In the outfield, you have 3 of the top 5 OF prospects. Each has a unique question tied to them. Can Meadows repeat what was seen in the Short Season? How does Harold do in his first full season? Can Barnes stay healthy and see what his potential is.
    He is the senior statesmen of the group by almost 3 years. We are very fortunately that we are blessed with two young, controlled, Major League OFs, otherwise the injury prone Barnes would be talked about more as a bust.
    But he has really flown under the radar, due to the depth of the organization in the Outfield and the success of so many Pirate prospects.

    You have Reese behind the dish how does his game translate to a regular season.

    And lastly the Infield, you have most of the infield playing their first full season at a new position.
    You start out will Mathisen moving from catching prospect to the top 3rd base prospect in the organization. JaCoby Jones announced as a CF and most scout think he is better suited for the OF is starting at SS, Weiss from 3rd
    to 2nd.

    Not only is it an interesting group for the questions above, but also looking at the progression of a season a year at each level, a lot of
    this prospects could be hitting the major in 2017 and 2018, which is when a lot of the current roster payroll commitments coming off the books.

    • This is the team to watch for sure in the system. The other teams have stars, but they aren’t quite as loaded with upside. To answer your question about Borden, he pitched 100.2 innings for UNLV last year before signing with the Pirates, so he should be able to pitch a full season in the rotation without any problem