Russell Martin and Travis Snider Suspended

Major League Baseball has announced that Travis Snider and Russell Martin have been suspended for their role in the fight during Sunday’s game against the Milwaukee Brewers. Snider received a two game suspension, while Martin received a one game suspension.

On the Milwaukee side, Carlos Gomez received a three game suspension, and Martin Maldonado received a five game suspension.

I can understand the suspension for Snider, since he was involved in the brawl. What I don’t understand is the suspension for Martin, who wasn’t actively involved in the incident.

All four players also received fines from MLB.

Snider and Martin are currently in tonight’s lineup, although that could change if they don’t appeal their suspensions.

  • a 3 game suspension for gomez is ridiculous. Its time to teach him a lesson with a 7-10 game suspension. This hot head crap has got to stop somewhere……MLB is enabling him to act like a spoiled brat

  • If you read the comments on national boards, there’s a lot of frustration that Cole wasn’t suspended. Personally, I don’t get that at all.

    Yes, he gave Gomez a ration of poop, but it wasn’t the first time someone took offense to Gomez’s antics. Brian McCann was a whole lot more put out about it last year. You may not think flipping your bat and admiring your hit is a major offense, but big leaguers hold themselves to a higher standard, and it obviously violates their code.

    A lot of pitchers wouldn’t have said anything; they’d just file it away until the next time Gomez comes to the plate against Cole, then bounce one off his ribs. In this case, hopefully Cole will do both.

    • I agree about handling it next time.
      But know that Brewer pitchers could do the same thing to Cutch and Tabata for standing at plate and watching also during that series and previous one in Milwaukee.

    • All he said was, “Why’d you “effing” look at it?” Gomez goes off like he just said “You’re Mother’s a terrible lay.”
      Gomez escalated a verbal taunt.

  • Martin got it for running out of the dugout and the fact he needed to be restrained. Saw that coming.

  • Since the Pirates can’t beat the Brewers anyway, why not just drill Maldonado the next time they see them?

  • So I’m guessing Snider got one game for defending Cole and a second game for using the back of his head to hit Maldonaldo in the fist?

  • At least the guy that started it and the pu**y who suckerpunched Snider got bigger suspensions.

  • Maybe because he challenged Maldonaldo to a charity fight after the season. That would be typical of the suits that run today’s pro sports.