Luis Heredia Pitching Against Several Top Hitting Prospects (Video)

  • Whats with his velocity doesnt seem like it has increased at all. Is it just his arm not being 100% yet early in the season, or more about him working on delivery and control?

  • Ian Rothermund
    March 17, 2014 5:16 pm

    People talk about liking the way the ball comes out of a guys hand. Normally I don’t understand that assessment, but watching this video, I like the way the ball comes out of Heredias hand. Delivery looks smooth, when he gets it down, the fastball looks really heavy. I’d love to see him start to develop some additional velocity this year, show progress with the change, and prove the slurve can be a strikeout pitch. Other than that, just stay healthy and pitch more innings than last year.

  • I’d say that Heredia looked so-so, while Fransoso looked Fransoso.

    He looks like a 19 year old kid that has potential. That’s about as far as I’ll go.