Injury Notes: Gaby Sanchez, Phil Irwin, Travis Ishikawa

  • Read yesterday that Miguel Sano tore his UCL and is having TJ surgery immediately. Speculation now is that his arm will never be strong enough to play third base again after this.

    I know this does not let Mr. Huntington off for botching the signing of Sano, but the fact that Sano was a third baseman was one of the main things that made him the great prospect he is (was?).

    Now, if he is just a very good hitting designated hitter, his shine has definitely tarnished.
    Interesting turn of events. Baseball is so unpredictable sometimes.

    • Ron Loreski
      March 1, 2014 1:00 pm

      Most pitchers come back from Tommy John surgery stronger than they were before. Why would Sano be any different?

    • meatygettingsaucy
      March 1, 2014 3:05 pm

      “I know this does not let Mr. Huntington off for botching the signing of Sano”

      Ah, I needed some good ole’ fashioned construed narrative this afternoon. Huntington did nothing to “botch” the Sano signing. Pirates made an offer, Sano’s agent then got an offer from the Twins and had his client sign with them, never taking the time to come back to the Pirates and get a counter offer. Now, unless Huntington had secret agents in the Twin’s front office, not sure what the guy could have done to prevent Plummer from rejecting the Pirates offer. By all accounts, Plummer is quite the d’bag

    • Nobody botched anything – the Pirates offered about $600K less than Minnesota, and he and his camp did not like Rene Gayo. Sano is still an excellent prospect, but thinking about losing him was something that should have left town when guys who signed with the Pirates in 2009 like Gregory Polanco, Alen Rery Hanson, and LHSP Joely Rodriguez began paying big dividends as they progressed through the minors. Who is to say if we paid for Sano if we would have been able to sign those other 3 guys? Sano quickly outgrew SS, and his defensive work at 3B has left a lot to be desired.

  • Gaby looked good at plate yesterday. But not on basepaths, getting thrown out by the RF because he didn’t tag soon enough. I’m guessing that’s where he tweaked his knee as he pulled up from his slide into a bunny hop to avoid the tag.

    And forget I said anything about Andy Oliver looking like he solved his issues based on his work during the B&G game. Oy.

  • Disappointed to hear that Irwin is having issues

  • I was concerned when I saw Irwin did not pitch yesterday. Hopefully it’s a short term thing since last year was basically a lost one for him baseball wise

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    • If I did it for First Pitch, then I’d have the update hours after it was announced.

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        March 1, 2014 11:57 am


        Mr. Williams,

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        (Just a thought.)