Jameson Taillon Throwing Live BP to Alen Hanson and Michael Martinez (Video)

  • The only odd thing I see with his mechanics is that he steps across his body instead of in a straight line. I’m surprised he can generate so much velocity while restricting the range of motion in his hips like that.

  • Glad we have a lot of pitching coaches that are trying to fix Jamey . Pirates should obviously hire you all instead of what they have

  • Come on 22 year old Taillon, get your sh*t together!

  • I’m curious why Hanson was in the rhh box on one of those pitches. What’s the deal with that?

  • I have the whole 1960 WS; best team I have ever seen. One odd thing was Dale Long was in it for the Yankees. He played for the Pirates, then went to the Yankees.

  • The Masked robshelb
    February 22, 2014 11:52 am


    I watched that clip over and over again. At least half a dozen times. And Mr. Williams *is* correct. JT was pitching to Martinez and Hanson.

    But for a few seconds there, I think the third or fourth time I watched it, as I was peering through the netting looking at the batters, I could’a sworn after a swing — as the back of the uniform was clearly revealed to the camera — just a two second glimpse, but I could’a sworn that uniform jersey, in bright gold letters, spelled out the word “Davis.”

    Must’a been my eyes deceiving me, however. Because, unfortunately, the next few times I watched the clip, those times I saw no such thing.

    What a bummer.

  • I still don’t like it that JT shows the ball to the hitter all the way through his delivery. I have a feeling this is going to become a problem at some point.

    • r: I cannot pick that up through the netting and the angle may be more revealing than the view from the batter’s box. He looks smooth though, and at his advanced level, I think you are seeing a finished product. Impressed with the batter spraying the ball to LF.

      • Every other pitcher I can remember brings his arm back behind his body to start his delivery, JT brings it high over his left shoulder. So the batter can see the ball in his hand right there. And then it crosses behind his head to get to his release point.

        And another possible problem this might cause is that he may have trouble finding his release point since he is bringing his arm to the release point from the side rather than in a straight line to the plate. This could lead to him dropping his release point and flattening out his breaking stuff.

        He can probably get away with this because he throws in the upper 90’s, and it may well mean that he has less arm problems than he might. So we shall see.

        Mike Marshall had a really funky delivery, and he was a workhorse in relief in the 70’s.

        • I disagree with your assertion that he brings it high over his left shoulder…..I am not seeing that at all. He has a very normal delivery

    • Yeah, I think it’s already a problem; it’s a big part of the reason why he hasn’t gotten great results in the minors despite his stuff. I think Taillon’s going to be a good MLB pitcher, but there are a lot of little things (clear looks to hitters, shaky command, meh changeup, lack of plane) that he can’t seem to fix which are going to keep him from his ceiling.

      • No, his results are because he has been handicapped on what pitches he can throw. When you make a pitcher pitch with his secondary fastball and his 3rd choice of an offspeed pitch, you make those pitches better, but you surely don’t get the same results.

        It’s like taking Pedro Alvarez and only letting him bat vs. lefties for an entire spring so he gets more used to seeing them. He isn’t going to hit as well, but he will get better at hitting lefties

        • Couldn’t it possibly be a combination of the two? By that I mean, having his arsenal limited AND him having a combination of small flaws that may prevent him from reaching ace-like status. And certain things like hitters seeing the ball well is something he may NOT be able to fix. Just the way he pitches.