Gaby Sanchez and the Pirates Avoid Arbitration

The Pittsburgh Pirates have avoided arbitration with first baseman Gaby Sanchez, according to the Beverly Hills Sports Council, which represents Sanchez.

No word yet on the terms of the deal. Sanchez was projected to make $2.3 M through arbitration this year. The Pirates now have four remaining players eligible for arbitration. Today is the deadline for players and teams to exchange arbitration figures. I’d expect a few more deals to come.

UPDATE 11:36 AM: Jon Heyman reports that Sanchez got $2.3 M, which was his projected price.

  • This has nothing to do with anything that’s been said, but with the outfield seemingly locked up for the future and there being a lack of depth at 1st base in the system…is it absurd to want to see if Josh Bell could make the transition? He’s still relatively young. Maybe split games between OF and 1st? Has anyone else explored this thought?

    • Tim’s talked about this. I personally believe he will…….and I think somewhere Tim thinks the same, but it won’t be this year, he needs too much work on his offense before we start moving him around, if he has a succesful season this year, I think next year would be the first time you may see him at 1st base

  • He would have had only 80 PA all year if he didn’t bat against righties.

    • Well that’s completely untrue, but also irrelevant. It would be more around 180-200. That is the only thing he’s better than a replacement level player at: He’s horrid vs. Righties and great vs. lefties. You have to use him for just what he’s good at. If you have specialists on your team, you have to have the management discipline to use your players properly.

  • Happy to hear he got what was coming to him. Much like I don’t understand the unbridled love of Marte or thinking that Wandy will be a significant contributor, I don’t get the hate for Gaby.

    • What could you possibly not love about a 4-5 WAR CF’er with a cannon for an arm playing LF?

      • Marte’s OPS was inflated by an extraordinarily high Batting Average on Balls in Play that he is unlikely to repeat. He also has had poor K/BB rates since his earliest days in the minor leagues.

        K/BB is a much more consistent stat than Batting Average on Balls in Play, so, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Marte’s hitting regress.

        But, even if his hitting falls off some, his speed and defense will still make him a valuable player.

        • His ability to bunt for a base hit probably helps his BA on Balls in Play. I don’t see that going away. Also because of his history in organized Baseball I see his k/BB improving.

          • It would also help if he stopped getting HBP in the hands. That’s not a recommended way to inflate one’s OBP.

            I have no issues with Marte defensively and would support him going to CF. But I do have an issue with 1&2 not getting on base enough for 3-4 to drive them in. And Marte doesn’t get on enough – take away those HBPs and he’s worse than mediocre at it.

    • The hate is for his unbridled misuse, not for Sanchez

      Kinda like when you take a plow horse and put him on a race track, can’t fault him for finishing last. Don’t have Sanchez hit vs. righties and all is well. Problem is- Hurdle is a moron and can’t get it through his thick skull. Just like it took him 146 games of hitting worse than Sammy Khalifa and Rafeal Belliard before he finally got the Barmes can’t hit and thus shouldn’t ever start vs. anyone