Pirates One of the Hottest Teams on Logan Morrison

Ken Rosenthal reports that the Pittsburgh Pirates are one of the “hottest teams” on Logan Morrison.

There have been conflicting reports about what direction the Pirates will go in with their first base vacancy. Yesterday all of the talk surrounded trade options, including Morrison. Today Buster Olney reported the Pirates were talking with James Loney again. And now it’s back to Morrison. Based on how many first basemen are available, and how few teams need a first baseman, it seems the Pirates (and other teams) are keeping their options open and waiting for the prices to drop.

Rosenthal says that the Brewers and the Mariners are the two other “hottest teams”, and that others are involved. The Brewers have been linked to Corey Hart, and won’t trade for a first baseman until they get a “no” from him.

The Mariners have been looking for a first baseman after Kendrys Morales left, so they could definitely be a player for Morrison.

  • Oh, the humanity! Love it. Funniest sitcom episode EVER.

    It does look like they will move somehow on 1st base. If that happens, Lambo is in Indy at 1st for the majority of 2014. I would be ok standing pat on 1st (with Sanchez/Lambo) and Tabata/Lambo in right.

  • I really hope they get Morrison. I’ve always liked him and was hoping they would get a shot at him someday. I remember when he broke in, he hit and hit and just kept on hitting and making things happen on an otherwise lousy team. No real protection around him in the lineup, but he always was one of the toughest outs on the team.
    I don’t really care much about his stats the last couple years since he wasnt 100 % healthy.

    Hoping that he is now 100% healthy and that the Bucs get him on board. I much prefer him to Loney or Lind. It still would be a good idea to sign a guy like Mat Gamel for protection though.

    Also, I hope they turn down every trade offer for Justin Wilson. It is no surprise to me that teams are hot for him. It just proves that the teams that want him are managed well and have astute, smart GM’s. If I was an opposing team I’d be all over him too.

  • I believe Logan Morrisson is the answer to the question, “What is Andrew Lambo’s floor?”

  • Just noticed who the LAA got for Trumbo. The Pirates could have easily put together and better deal and not hurt themselves. They missed a chance to get a young rh poer hitter.

    • That’s a joke, right? Skaggs is essentially Jameson Taillon…I would not have done that deal and frankly am amazed that the DBacks did that opposed to going for a free agent outfielder. Trading a ton of good pitching depth for a 1B who they will move to the outfield where he hasn’t been a good defensive option at all…just a poor trade for them, honestly.

  • Trumbo traded to the D-backs to play OF. That’s pretty funny, but hurts the Bucs slightly in the 1B market, even though I don’t think they were going to trade for him directly. One more possibility off the table for the teams remaining that need a 1B.

  • My source, Rob Biertempfel, says the Bucs are no longer in on Arroyo. Finally some good news!!! Of course that probably means they sign him for 2 / $36 mil, but hopefully not.

  • So if the Pirates would get Morrison how long before he starts whining if he is platooned or if the Pirates have a bad first half and he doesn’t like what the FO is doing or not doing at the trade deadline.

    • And why would a team as tight as the Pirates want a loose gun like Morrison doing the twitter routine. He is not worth the gamble. Loney has had one good year out of the last 3 and he’s suddenly a superstar worth $9 mil/yr? Mitch Moreland.

  • Sounds like it’s a done deal, that LoMo is a Bucco. And Loney is too. That would really solve the problem, eh? Seriously, these rumors are getting a little out of control. Yes, the Bucs are interested in getting a 1B, most likely Loney, LoMo, Lind, Davis or Moreland. Can we stop all the tweets until there’s something more substantive than that?

    • They are not rumors. It is a fact that the Pirates are talking to Loney and it is a fact that they are discussing trading for Morrison. Those are 100% true. Now if an unsubstantiated report comes out that they signed Loney or traded for Morrison, that would be a rumor. Put it this way, if the Pirates don’t sign Loney and don’t trade for Morrison does that make reports that they were talking about either incorrect? Obviously not.

      Also, keep the “rumors” coming. I enjoy every last detail. And based on the number of posting you have made stickyweb, it looks like you enjoy them as well.

      • I think maybe it’s the fervor of reporting that kind of leaves people like myself, and maybe stickyweb, a little weary.

        These are actual tweets from industry sources:

        “Pirates one of the HOTTEST teams on LoMo”
        “Pirates OVERWHELMED by trade interest for Justin Wilson.”
        “Broson Arroyo’s agent to meet with the VERY INTERESTED Pirates”

        It’s like the weather reports when it rains an inch here in LA: STORMWATCH 2013!!!

        Oh the humanity!!!

      • Guilty as charged, indeed I love the rumors. The frustration I was trying to express was with the back and forth nature of the 1B info that doesn’t actually change. One day the Bucs main focus is on Loney, the next they’re all in on trades, the next its back to Loney, the next its all about trades. Is Neal’s middle name Cybil or are all of the MLB/ESPN/Yahoo sports guys just regurgitating yesterday’s news (actually the day before yesterday’s news)?