Pirates Checked in on Bronson Arroyo

Rob Biertempfel has a preview of the Winter Meetings for the Pittsburgh Pirates, detailing the positions of need for the team this off-season. In the starting pitching section, Biertempfel mentions that the Pirates have checked in on Bronson Arroyo.

Arroyo is a free agent, coming off a season with a 3.79 ERA in 202 innings, along with a 5.5 K/9 and a 1.5 BB/9. That followed a 2012 season where he had almost identical numbers, posting a 3.74 ERA in 202 innings, with a 5.8 K/9 and a 1.6 BB/9.

He’s not a dominant pitcher, and definitely not a top of the rotation guy. However, Arroyo has pitched 199+ innings each year since 2005. His advanced metrics are closer to league average, with a career 4.39 xFIP, although his numbers the last two years have been in the 4.00-4.20 range. What Arroyo could be expected to provide would be 200 innings a year with an ERA around 4.00. That’s not an ace, but it does have value.

The downside for Arroyo is that he’s a right-handed fly ball pitcher, which isn’t a good combination for PNC Park. He has been spending most of his career in the Great American Launching Pad, so there is a chance that his numbers wouldn’t change with a move to PNC Park.

One thing to remember is that “checking in” doesn’t mean Arroyo will be a Pirate. It might not even mean that they will pursue him with an offer. He’s not a flashy pitcher, but he’s also not a bad pitcher.

  • CalipariFan506
    December 8, 2013 11:44 pm

    I still want Roberto Hernandez to be the guy.

  • Nope.

  • PNC actually surpresses HRs to LHB slightly, whereas GAB is a joke.

    That said, no thanks.

  • BuccosFanStuckinMD
    December 8, 2013 6:12 pm

    Please no…..never a fan or Arroyo, although he has pitched a lot longer in MLB than I ever thought he would. I just think we have internal options that are cheaper and better….

  • I heard Neal gave Cano a very generous offer that made them extremely uncomfortable only to be outbid by Seattle.

  • This one doesn’t make sense to me. Among Locke, Cumpton, Pimentel and, eventually, Taillon the Bucs have plenty of guys who could deliver this brand of league-averageness or better. I think the target needs to either be an established #2/3 like AJ or an upside guy with the ceiling of a #2/3. Guys like Arroyo, Feldman and Vargas are good options when your other options at #4/5 are downright hideous.

  • Just say no. I’d rather go with internal options then that schmuck!

  • Well, he seemed to do alright as a Flyball pitcher in the GABP bandbox. Not too worried.

    However, he’s at that age that he could start going downhill fast. Not giving him more than 2 yrs.