Pirates Looking at Alex Rios; Might Be Looking at Alexei Ramirez

The Pittsburgh Pirates are looking at Alex Rios, according to Jon Heyman of CBS Sports. He also adds that “people familiar with Pittsburgh’s thinking suggest they wouldn’t be surprised if the Pirates expand the talks to include Sox shortstop Alexei Ramirez”. That’s similar to the trade idea Jim Bowden floated out there a week ago, although I don’t think the cost would be anything close to Gregory Polanco, Nick Kingham, and Jordy Mercer.

Heyman notes that Rios could draw interest from the Rangers, Yankees, and the Giants. He says Rios is the top all-around outfielder on the trade block, and Ramirez is the top shortstop. Ramirez is under control through the 2016 season, with about $32 M remaining on his contract if his 2016 option is picked up.

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When and if the Pirates do something it will be for somebody that nobody gave any thought to.

Nick A. Capernicus

That is horrible logic on alexi. He is one of the smartest fielders. If you are worried about the two pros figuring out how to roll two then you should forget about the season

Tom Shock

I do not anything about this “supposed” deal.

Frankly, guys switching leagues at this time of year , scare the heck out of me.

It would cost the Pirates too much, both in terms of prospects and $$$$.

The problem with the Pirates are the bench, maybe RF, and possibly 1st base.
If they get Rios, he is playing everyday, so that limits Jones time in Rf.
Thinking Jones can get his bat going, RF is not the worst place for him to be, on occasion.
If they are going to go after a RF, then make it someone who can GET ON BASE.
Rios (especially switching leagues) may just be a slight upgrade over what they have right now, in terms of a right handed bat.
Aoki, Morrison, or dare i say Stanton, even though he is right handed fit that bill much better.
Remember, Stanton and the others are NL players, so that is a big plus in my book.
The bench, i won’t even speculate that Inge will be on this roster by July 31, so whoever takes his role, will be an improvement.
I just don’t want to see this team lose prospects that they have plans for, and a payroll that will force drastic cuts in 2014.

No Ramirez, and definitely , no Rios!.

Nathan Swartz

Aoki would be a welcome addition, and I actually have no doubt Neil probably inquired about him. But it takes two, and the cost to a division rival is steep.
The price, in terms of prospects, would likely be steeper because his contract is friendlier.
As far as Ramirez, I like the insurance vs a Walker injury, he’s not going to be right all year.
As far as Rios, there is nothing wrong with Tabata and Jones being the bench OF.
I’m not even worried that Neil would overpay, he’s proven to be typically stingy when dealing.
My only concern would be the amount of money taken on and whether it would prohibit bringing AJ or Wandy back (feel AJ is more likely).
Alvarez & Cutch wouldn’t be the only power options. The infield D would improve. And so would the power off the bench.
It would spell the end of the Inge and Harrison regime. I love the idea of Walker or Mercer being the IF option on the bench. Walker as a switch hitting option with some power of the bench? Great!


Alexei Ramirez I could go for, but he would cost us a prospect. Plus walker and Ramirez have never played together and may not have a feel for each other. If the deal gets done, I hope it’s done quickly so mercer and walker can work with him. It takes about a few weeks to get the middle infielders to get in sync with one another. I hate to see a dead line trade. I would like to see a strong August showing to convince us fans the pirates are legit.

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