Pirates Believed to be Interested in Marlon Byrd

Joel Sherman of the NY Post reports that the Mets are starting to get interest in Marlon Byrd, and that the Pirates are believed to be one of the interested teams.

The Pirates are believed to be interested in Marlon Byrd.
The Pirates are believed to be interested in Marlon Byrd.

There hasn’t been much talk on Byrd, outside of him being on most wish lists. That’s probably because he previously has been described as “highly unlikely” to move. There was also an asking price of a top 10 or 15 prospect. I don’t know if that means a top 10-15 overall prospect in baseball (like Jameson Taillon) or a top 10-15 prospect in a system. The latter would be more reasonable.

Byrd would only be a two month rental. He’s extremely cheap at $700,000 this year. He’s also having a huge season, with a .282/.325/.512 line and good defense in the outfield. Unlike some of the other guys in rumors (Nate Schierholtz, David DeJesus, Justin Morneau), Byrd has good numbers against left-handers and right-handers. There would be no platoon needed. He’s got an .883 OPS against lefties, and an .812 OPS against right-handers. Even if he struggled against right-handers, the Pirates could turn to someone else and have him hit against lefties, which is an area where the team is currently weak.

Sherman says the Mets have made counter offers, and will see if anyone budges. That doesn’t make it sound like talks are going great, and based on the previous rumors, it still might be hard to get Byrd in a trade. If the price wasn’t high, Byrd would be a good two month rental. It just seems like the price would be high.

  • No way I want this known steroid user.

  • I would certainly deal Allie for Byrd, but when have the Mets ever been interested in a first baseman whose game is built solely around power and also comes with a history of maturity/committment issues?

  • I can’t imagine why the Mets wouldn’t move him for a decent offer. He’s a rental, 35 years old, and the Mets are pretty clearly out of the playoff race this season.

    As for Byrd on the Pirates, he’s not a particularly exciting get, but he does provide an upgrade, and if the price is something like a 10-15 prospect in a system, we’re looking at getting him for someone like Barrett Barnes, Dilson Herrera or Stetson Allie. I think that’s a reasonable price tag.

  • Byrd is having an awfully good year, but it’s waaaaaaaay out fo character plus he’s a rental. You don’t overpay for Marlon Byrd.

    • I would have to disasgree about it being out of character. Marlon Byrd has been very consistent over his career. If you look at the last 6 years where he has had over 400 ABs he has an Avg./OPS of .307/.814, .298/.842, ..283/.808, ..293/.775, and .276/.719 in 2007-2011 and .282/.837 this year in 337 ABs. Last year was a lost season for him, and he did not really do that bad for his short time in Boston. I agree he is a rental and in the downside of his career, so I would not want to pay much for him, but if he would go for 1 or 2 B prospects he would be a good upgrade in right. He is good defensively, better arm than Tabata, Snider or Presley and an upgrade in offense.

  • Andrew Lambo is a guy that has exactly 170 AAA ABs. Now,do you seriously think that Huntingdoon and Hurdle are going to trust any player with no MLB experience,and this small AAA sample, in a Division race ?

  • doubt this trade will happen but would love to see a lambo/byrd platoon