Pirates Officially Sign Third Round Pick JaCoby Jones

UPDATE MONDAY 4:17 PM: The Pirates have officially announced the signing. Jones will begin his career in Jamestown.

THURSDAY: According to Jim Callis of Baseball America, the Pittsburgh Pirates have agreed to terms with third round pick JaCoby Jones.

Jones received $612,000, which is exactly the slot price. Callis notes that he’s the best athlete in the college crop of this year’s draft, with the chance to be a future center fielder. The Pirates drafted Jones as a center fielder, although most outlets consider him to be a better second baseman. After the draft, Pirates Director of Amateur Scouting Joe DelliCarri had the following to say on where Jones would end up.

“We’ll develop the player and the person in combination to find the best fit for him on the field, because he has played multiple positions at school,” DelliCarri said. We’ll play him in multiple positions here as well, but most importantly develop the person and continue to develop the athlete.”

In our day two reactions I had Jones as the sleeper pick from day two, with the following thoughts:

The Pirates haven’t had a lot of success in this area before, but Jones is a very toolsy outfielder with raw power, speed, and the ability to stick in center field. He reminds me somewhat of Evan Chambers and Mel Rojas, who both had a similar “athlete/raw power/speed/can play center” combo. Not that Jones is the same type of player as those guys, just that he shares the same qualities, with the big quality being that he’s raw. The Pirates have been successful with pitchers, but haven’t managed to have the same success with the raw hitters on the US side. They’ve done well with a few international guys who have been raw (Gregory Polanco as an example), but the track record isn’t strong. Still, Jones has the chance to be a pretty good sleeper if he fixes his swing and taps into his power.

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Lee Young

Wouldn’t JaCoby have more value as a 2ndbaseman?

Matt Beam

seems like there may only be another 6 or so potential guys to sign in the next 2 weeks, assuming Meadows, Frazier, Borden, Roth, Buckner, and Cross are probably the main targets. Weiss is hitting 280 so far in Cape Cod in only 25 at-bats so it’ll be interesting how that plays out over the coming weeks.

If the Pirates are willing to spend most of the extra 4.9% of the pool, is there any guy or combo of guys on this list that they’re likely not to get?

I just find it hard to believe everybody wants over slot or one guy so much over slot/$100K that this can’t get done. Unless somebody like Borden is truly convinced he’s a 1st or 2nd round pick next year as a Sr


Tim, any update on the mobile site iPhone 5 issues?

Joe Sweetnich

MLB Trade Rumores reports the 612k for Jones as $69,700 below slot


Hoped he would sign quickly. Glad he did. Imo It’s players like Jones that helps make the 2013 Pirates draft class one of the best in recent history.


Jones was an energy guy for LSU this year. He would get the big hit or do whatever to help the team out, I really am glad he signed, hopefully I will be able to see him play for jamestown this year.


I’m going to guess Meadows signs around 3 PM on the 12th?

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