Pirates Save Slot Money on Shane Carle – Bonus Pool Updates

Baseball America has updated the bonus information for tenth round pick Shane Carle in their Draft Database. The right-handed pitcher has signed for $100,000, which is $35,600 below slot. Reese McGuire also became official today, with a reported bonus of $2.369 M. We’ve updated the Draft Pick Signing Tracker with the figure, and the Pirates have the following bonus space.

Pool Money Spent: $4,589,200

Pool Money Remaining: $4,295,400

Money For Over-Slot Deals (No Penalty): $232,800

Money For Over-Slot Deals (No Draft Pick Penalty): $668,145

A lot of the remaining pool money will go to Austin Meadows when he eventually signs. Meadows has a slot price of $3,029,600.

UPDATE 2:43 PM: The figures above have been updated with updated bonus information on McGuire.

2013 Draft

  • For those of us getting the feel for this system the running log is very helpful. Thanks.

  • Tim,

    I have no clue what you mean by this:

    Money For Over-Slot Deals (No Penalty): $232,800

    Money For Over-Slot Deals (No Draft Pick Penalty): $668,145

    • If a team spends 0-5% over their draft pool, they get taxed 75% on the overage. If they spend more than 5%, they start losing future draft picks, along with taxes.

      The first number is how much they have left in their pool, without going over and paying a tax.

      The second number is how much they have left without going beyond 5% over their pool and losing a draft pick in the future.

  • Any word on what bonus amount Meadows is looking for, and when he might sign?

    • I’d assume he’d want slot as it was a little fortuitous for the Buccos that he made it to them but at the same time there is much upside to going to college and passing up $3M

      Any idea on which other picks the xtra $ could be used towards?

      • meant “isn’t much upside”… anybody know much about Borden’s or Buckner’s potential $ demands? just a quick look at the list and they seem like 2 of the obvious ones wanting more than slot/$100K