Brandon Inge Activated and Starting at Third Tonight

Brandon Inge has been activated from the DL and is starting at third tonight.
Brandon Inge has been activated from the DL and is starting at third tonight.

The Pittsburgh Pirates have activated third baseman Brandon Inge, and have him in tonight’s lineup at third base. Inge was recently on a rehab assignment in Indianapolis, batting for a .150/.320/.283 line in 60 at-bats. The Pirates are going up against left-hander Cole Hamels tonight. Inge has done well in his career against left-handers, while Pedro Alvarez has not. It’s probably too early to say that the Pirates are platooning Alvarez, but that seems to be the only reason to put Inge in the lineup right away. He wasn’t really doing well against left-handers in Triple-A, and doesn’t seem to provide much of an upgrade over guys like Josh Harrison or Jordy Mercer. The only thing he has is veteran presence, which the Pirates have plenty of, and some pop in his bat in previous years, which they could get from other internal options who look better than Inge both in the short-term and long-term.

To make room for Inge, Alex Presley has been optioned to Triple-A.

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Joel Davis

I know this is slightly off topic, but the fact that the Pirates are not on TV tonight is an Embarrassment. Why did we ever sign a contract where we can be bumped off for the rescheduling of a Pens game that is practically meaningless (given their playoff situation). I know we spoke before regarding the fact that the Pirates signed their TV contract before the big contracts came out and who, if anyone, is at fault for that, but the fact that I can’t watch a Pirate game not being played at PNC Park is a fireable offense to whoever constructed that contract. It’s 2013!!!!

Allyn Weimer

I remember when 6 games would be on tv. Be happy that over 150 games are on tv

Joel Davis

Your logic is ridiculous. Most other teams broadcast all their games. Times change. There used to be no A/C in cars. When mine gives out (as it has), should i just tell myself that back in the day there used to not be any or should I go and get it fixed. Most people would logically say to get it fixed. This situation should be fixed….

Allyn Weimer

Sir. You are a spoiled spoiled man

Allyn Weimer

Inge over Harrison any day. Harrison is the new Abraham Nunez


Does anyone want to chip in on the domain **?


Granted, Hurdle’s penchant for glove-first, replacement-level vets is borderline criminal, but NH is letting it happen on his watch. Huntington shouldn’t get a free pass on this stuff.

buc em all

So stupid almost as bad as hurdle bringing in Hughes in tie games


What they really did was put Inge in the lineup ahead of McHenry. They could have put Martin at 3rd and McHenry behind the plate. That would be a much better hitting lineup than the one they have. I would not be surprised if Marte goes 0-5 anytime soon after he already went 0-5 once that he gets the exile treatment.
The only players that can stay on the field and not produce are veterans.


The only way I can make sense of this is it’s just Hurdle getting his blanky. Absolutely no baseball reason for this to happen for anyone who believes in objective data. Clint must just like his job better when he’s dealing with players who are almost his age. Your Pittsburgh Pirates: we’re not here to win, we’re out to have a veteranous-y, enjoyable season.

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