The 2013 Prospect Guide is Now Available

2013FrontCoverThe 2013 Prospect Guide arrived yesterday, and is now available for purchase on the site. The book features profiles of every player in the system, along with helpful resources like signing bonus information, Rule 5 eligibility dates, and more.  It is also the only place to find our top 50 prospect list. All of the reports are compiled from information we’ve obtained from seeing the players in action, talking to team officials, coaches, opposing scouts, and the players themselves.

In the book’s introduction I talked a bit about how the purpose of the book was always to expand the site. The first year I did the book, it allowed me to expand this to a full-time job. That provided two benefits. It allowed me to dedicate all of my time to this site, providing updates every day and reporting news as fast as possible. It also came at a time when I was like many other people in this country — out of work for a few years, struggling to find any job to support my family, all while having my self-esteem and spirit crushed daily. I’ll always owe a debt to the readers of this site and the people who bought the book, since you literally rescued me from one of the darkest times in my life.

The second book came out last year, and I decided to expand the site. We added daily major league coverage, and expanded some of the minor league coverage. We also provided daily coverage from Spring Training. This year’s book will help continue all of that, and continue expanding on the coverage of the minor leagues. Everything on the site is free, and a large part of why we can provide year round free coverage is because of the book.

When I first designed the book I wanted to make something that I would use all throughout the year. Outside of the Pirates organization, I’m not sure there’s anyone who follows the farm system or knows as much about the players as I do. And yet I reference the Prospect Guide daily throughout the year, even after transactions are made and after new information comes forward. So not only is it something that helps the site continue to grow, but it’s a great reference throughout the year for the minor league system, and something that I use as a reference for a lot of articles on the site.

You can purchase the book on the products page of the site.

Pre-Sales Shipping

For those of you who pre-ordered the book, all of the pre-sales went out yesterday and today. You should have received an e-mail with a tracking number. There was a delay getting the book from the publisher this year. Last year I sent the book in on the 13th of December and received the shipment on the 16th. This year I sent the book in on the 12th and received it on the 19th. I’m not sure what the reason was for the delay, but I’m hoping that will still get the book to most of you in time for Christmas. Normally when I send out a book on Friday or Saturday, it arrives in the Pittsburgh area on Monday. I’m hoping that schedule holds up even with the holidays, especially since I sent the books out Wednesday and Thursday.

Digital Copy

The digital copy of the 2013 Prospect Guide is now available through the publisher. The eBook comes in PDF format and should be compatible with any tablet or reader. The publisher, Lulu, often has discount codes on their site. I recommend searching for those codes. Sometimes you can save 30% or more, and the best part is that this comes from the publisher so it’s not taking away from the site. Right now they’re doing their “13 Days of Savings” with a new coupon every day. If I see a coupon that works with the eBook, I’ll post it on the site and on Twitter (@timwilliamsP2)

Click here to purchase the eBook.

Site Updates

  • Very much looking forward to the Prospects Guide. Ahhh the fate of a Pirate fan, always looking to the future. Or the distant past

  • Spot on Foo!! Always enjoy the work you do here Tim!

  • Tim…I hope you take this the right way, but I am glad you lost your previous job.
    Because this site is invaluable to me as a Pirate Fan.

    We may have 20 years of misery, but we have P2, ALMOST a good tradeoff.