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Evan Meek, Drew Sutton Elect Free Agency

Reliever Evan Meek and Utility man Drew Sutton declared free agency on Thursday according to the International League transactions page.

Meek was designated for assignment by Pittsburgh on September 10th to make room for right-hander Rick vandenHurk on the 40-man roster. Meek posted a 2.74 ERA in relief at Triple-A this season, but has struggled at the Major League level since his All-Star year in 2010. Meek appeared in 12 games with Pittsburgh this year allowing nine runs over 12 innings with six walks. The right-hander appeared in just 24 outings last season due to several stints on the disabled list and a decrease in velocity.

Sutton was claimed off waiver from the Tampa Bay Rays. He appeared in 42 games with Pittsburgh this season where he posted a .254/.292/.393 line. Sutton was designated for assignment on July 31st to open a spot on the 40-man roster at the trade deadline. Sutton cleared waivers and finished the season at Triple-A Indianapolis. Sutton hit for a .270 clip over 38 games with Indy before ending the season with a broken foot.

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John Lease

Sutton played 24 games with the Pirates, not 42.


I liked both of these guys but Meek seemed to lose confidence to challenge hitters at the major league level, despite the loss in velocity you still have to do that. Sutton seemed to be a player that many wanted to criticize but I thought he was a good add and would have been a better play down the stretch than Mercer and maybe even Harrison. He seemed to have better strike zone awareness and was versatile, although we hardly got a chance to see that side of his game. Both good guys though and I wish them success at sticking somewhere next year that doesn’t come back to burn us (Steve Pearce).

John Lease

I still would have preferred Meek over that bum van den Hurk.


bum? do we have to go there, after the season even??? dang!

John Lease

Geeze, talk about reflexive. He was AWESOME. Best pitcher ever, the umpires robbed him. It’s amazing the Pirates got him, I’m sure he’ll win the Cy Young next year.

Ian Rothermund

Yeah, I mean, why couldn’t he just change everything he was doing after an entire season in AAA and be a reliever? All I saw was that “bum” hitting 94/95 consistently with movement and a decent enough of a curveball. I just think there were a lot of different aspects of the team, and especially the bullpen, which were mismanaged down the stretch. My opinion.

F Lang

People call a guy a bum and he only threw a few innings and had a bad outing. This somehow erases 5 months of being the ace on a very good team at Indy. Locke and Owens were there but Van Den Hurk was a horse all year. He is a power arm when he comes out of the pen. Do we have better options? probably. But he is hardly a bum.


its not that he isnt a bum, its him being called a bum in the first place. i wouldnt even call Qualls that. if youre a Pirate, and not purpously tanking like Operation Shutdown, youre not a bum.

Ian Rothermund

Not to mention, it doesn’t matter, because he wasn’t part of the 25 man roster, so it’s not like he was taking anyone else’s spot.

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