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Pirates Trade Brad Lincoln to Toronto for Travis Snider

The Pittsburgh Pirates have acquired outfielder Travis Snider from the Toronto Blue Jays in exchange for right-hander Brad Lincoln.

The 24-year-old Snider was Toronto’s first round selection in the 2006 First Year Player Draft and made his Major League debut with the Blue Jays in 2008.

The left-handed hitter entered tonight’s action with a.235 average, three homers and eight RBI in nine games with Toronto. In 61 games with Triple-A Las Vegas, Snider hit .335 with 17 doubles,  13 home runs and 57 RBI.

UPDATE FROM TIM: Travis Snider will have four years of control remaining beyond the 2012 season. One of those years (2013) will likely be a league minimum year. He entered the 2012 season with two years and 15 days of service time, and stayed in Triple-A until June 20th. Snider hit in a very hitter friendly atmosphere in Triple-A, but carried his hitting to the majors, with a .235 average and an .829 OPS in 34 at-bats since being called up. What’s encouraging is that all three of his homers came against left-handers. Prior to this year, the left-handed hitter struggled against left-handers more than he did against right-handers.

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F Lang

Lincoln is a loss but Bryan Morris is real similar…95mph, real good curve so I feel like we can replace Lincoln. You hate to give someone who has been as good as him up but Snyder was rushed to the majors and has been bounced around. The short porch at PNC will be nice for him. He at least is solid so far in his career vs. righties and Marte pounds lefties so I think it might work out nicely this year. Snyder to me is a similar project to Alvarez…a top power hitting prospect that is a free swinger and needs to toghten up his approach. His AAA numbers are incredible and he is only 24 so still a lot of upside especially considering it takes a lot of young power hitters take 1000 ab or so to figure it all out.

John David Stanec

Hats off to NH, as he is quietly engineering a promising and interesting team for now and the near future, without giving up much in cash or prospects; not an easy feat! Not long ago, Philly & the Cubs were seen as rich teams with an almost insurmountable talent base (and payroll). To paraphrase the country song:”Hey, look at ’em now”! In obtaining T. Snider, they have obtained a true power hitter (6 feet, 235 lbs) of Alvarez qualities, with similar youth & team control. His nickname in the Seattle Blogosphere is Moonraker, due to his moonshots & raking hitting style. They are extremely pissed at losing this guy for a middle inning “2 trick pony” reliever that’s cresting in his years of productivity! I’ll take the young power hitter to bolster the previously weak hitting corner outfield positions, especially at such a pittance of a price! Huntington is to be congratulated for adding 2 important pieces (including the Marte callup) to the outfield without breaking the bank or minor leagues!!


I’m surprised Huntington did this, he seems to love Lincoln.


Not sure about this trade, we’ll have to wait and see. Sad to see Lincoln go, he’s really been great, but Snider was once a massive prospect. If he can avoid injury and turn it around, he’d be a great addition to the outfield. If not, this will be a very bad deal.


yea, another leftie bat that k’s a lot.

Mike Kandrack

This deal is a good deal IF Brad Lincoln remains a relief pitcher. Even if he evolves into the closer role this will be a solid deal for the Pirates. Closers are overrated: during Mariano Rivera’s tenure with the yankees he closed 97% of his games, during that same time the Pirates organization closed 94% of there games. On average this is 1 or 2 games a year difference based on how many save oppurtunities a closer would be given.

Also, this guy is not compared to Lastings Milledge, Pedro Alvarez would be a better comparison. He has shown he can hit for insane power, but it’s whether or not he can get a half decent average and a good OBP to become succesful.

So far the maximum games he has played at the major league level is 82 and he hit for 14 HR’s at age 22. At age 23 he slumped and hit 3 HR’s in 49 games. This year he has hit 3 HR’s in 10 games (very small sample size) at age 24.

Pedro hit 16 HR’s in 95 games at age 23, slumped and hit 4 HR’s in 74 games at age 24 and now is he is hitting 21 HR’s in 93 games at age 25.


I’d love to see NH at the roulette table… Max Bet on 00 everytime

Lee Young

Link to a TB blogger scouting (Good) report.


I didn’t want to trade Brad, but NH seems to ‘grow’ relievers somewhere in his backyard. lol

Mike Don

So i have a few questions. Suppose this Marte/McCutchen/Snider outfield works out and Presley is the 4th outfielder. What happens if Tabata gets it together? Does Snider have an experience at 1st? I can see Hernandez making the big club next year as a defensive/base running specialist. Seems like a lot of outfielders already, but if everything would work out, i guess its a good problem to have.

Also a change of scenery has to be good for Snider. He has monster numbers in the minors, and getting him out of the AL East, away from the Yankees, Red Sox, Rays, and even the Orioles lately. Thats got to count for something right?

Tim Williams

Prior to this season the question was “What happens in July with Presley/McCutchen/Tabata when Marte is ready?” If everything works out as expected (Snider/Marte stick in the majors, Tabata rebounds), then that would be a great problem to have.

I would think that Snider would be a candidate to move to first base if there was a roster crunch in the outfield.

Richard Haft

Yes, I think people have to get off the Tabata train. I know they pushed him hard in promoting the “core”, but he is a corner outfielder with no power. He HAS to hit over .300 to even contemplate starting him again. He will probably be traded if he actually starts hitting again. Pressley has been disappointing, but he is actually preferable to Tabata. At least he hits a home run every once in a while and plays decent defense.

John DiVito

Yes, I have heard that Snider could go to 1st. I don’t think he has MLB experience at 1st, but has some in his past.

I think getting away from AL East pitching and into NL Central pitching might actually hurt him (except for the Astros).

Lee Young

Then Tabata becomes trade bait. Or maybe Snider goes to 1b? And you’re right, its a good problem to have. 🙂

John DiVito

I’m sorry… I like this trade! The fact that Jays fans hate it, makes me happy 🙂

Snider has power potential and he seems to be figuring some things out. Check out his 2010 season. He had a 1.2 WAR in 319 ABs as a 22 year old! He has the ability.

One other thing about this trade: Don’t the Orioles have Jim Thome? He has to be pissed! Lincoln will be staring him down for the rest of the season!


Baseball America rated Snider the 11th overall top prospect in 2008 and 6th best prospect in 2009. He was basically the Blue Jays Taillon and Cole which is why the fan base is so angry. He’s just flopped big time every chance he’s gotten. Goes to show how off these projections can be. On another note, the Pirates, at one point or another, had in their system 10 of 2006’s top 100 overall prospects. #3 , #9 , #14 , #19 , #3 3 , #43 , #50 , #54 , #9 4 , #9 5 . 43 – Walker – 50 McCutchen. the rest will make you want to puke for having one time been excited about them so i’ll leave them nameless. But this goes to show you that maybe we shouldn’t get soo excited about the minor leaguers until they do something worth getting excited about in the Big Leagues. How bad would it suck if Taillon or Cole end up being the 2006 version of Brandon Wood?

Anthony Churbock

Baseball America only had walker and cutch in the top 100 as pirates. Almost everyone else we got way after they were top prospects with real trade value.

Josh Baker

Trading a relief pitcher (albeit a very good one) for a potential long/short term answer in the outfield is fantastic. People need to remember that as great as Brad was he still only had 2 pitches (aka not enough to be a starter) and you can always get bullpen help. You can’t always find middle of the order bats that are younger than Pedro. If we have Snider and Marte in the corners suddenly ACutch is an old man in centerfield.


Travis Snider’s career stats (along with his age while reaching these stats) mirror Lasting Milledge. He apparently has the bad attitude to come along as well. At first I was like, “why would they even make this trade?” But for as much as I can’t figure how this makes them any better….I can’t figure out how this makes them any worse. So I guess I’m ok with it. He could figure it out and become a very good player. That just won’t happen this year meaning this trade won’t necessarily help the Pirates reach the playoffs this year. But if they’re only trying to do that, we’d have traded our top prospects. So this is just a ho hum trade for the time being.

Lee Young

Actually he has a GREAT attitude. I read a Toronto article which said that he is the resident cook (specialty Meat BBQ).


Note this quote “D: Travis seems to be loved by his teammates. For
one, he’s a good cook (he loves meats). Before yesterday’s game in
Seattle he cooked for the team (he is from the Seattle area). His
teammates were thrilled for him when he was finally called up to the
Jays earlier this month.”

Todd Smith

While it’s a very small sample size, he currently has the 3rd highest OPS on the Pirates roster.

Todd Smith

Amazes me how many Pirate fans are upset about this deal. Snider is the same age as Marte (both born in ’88) and was a much more highly regarded prospect than Marte just a few years ago. He also hit .335/.423/.598 with 13 HR at AAA this year. For those that are upset about this trade, I wonder how many would be thrilled if we traded Marte away for a 27 year old middle reliever?

Jack Burton

Pirates fans are upset because this doesn’t help us right now and
probably only hurts us with loosing a solid reliever. I’m not saying
sacrifice the future but pirates fans deserve and hopefully get someone
that will improve this team now. How do you guys feel about getting
someone like Jimmy Rollins and having Philly eat about 4-5 million of
the remaining contract? Give up maybe Tabata and a mid tier prospect. Will see if the asking price goes down in the next few hours i guess.

Tim Williams

I don’t think the loss of Lincoln will really hurt them. Not hard to replace a reliever pitching in the middle innings. I think Bryan Morris can fill in well for him.

Todd Smith

Some Pirate fans seem to be more interested in getting a recognizable name rather than a quality player.

Jack Burton

Granted, he’s not 25 any more but he’s still a pretty large upgrade compared to Barmes’ .210 AVG and .237 OBP. Also, Rollins’ veteran leadership and 3 golden gloves can’t hurt. I’m not saying get rid of Taillon, Cole, Heredia, or even Marte.

Jon Vandine

Serious question for everyone? Name one bat we could get that would take us all the way? Pence? Choo? Neither of those guys give us enough for the rest of this year. Snider has the capability to hit, and hit for power for FOUR YEARS. Not only can he help us now, but the fact is IF he pans out we have our OF for the next 4 years, and it could be a really good one. Also, if we get Pence that means we give up Taillon or Cole which is dumb because this year is not the year to go all-in and give up one of those guys. This is a good trade in a market where there are not many trades to be had. Bullpen help can be found from anywhere.

Chris O'Rorke

Justin Upton. RH bat that could be before or after Alvarez. i think a package involving Hanrahan, Correia, GI (now, considering this trade), Hanson, and Heredia could be enough. i like AZ’s system and would always be willing to add more to swap prospects… specifically Tyler Skaggs a LHP. I am sure the D’Backs would love to have their hands on the 2nd pick in Round A comp, so that could help make a deal happen

Lee Young

as Dejan would say “No soup for you”.

Max Feinberg

Exactly. Our future lies in Taillon and Cole. There is not one player available that makes this team a title contender this year. I like Brad Lincoln. I actually think he has the chance to be a decent starter. But our pitching staff is comprised of a 35 year old Burnett, Jeff Karstens, and Erik freaking Bedard. Not to mention James McDonald who has half a good season in his career.


So we’re 4 or 5 years away from competing? We should ignore the fact that we’re 3 games out of the division lead in late July. Maybe we should be trade our good players now for prospects to go with Taillon when he arrives in 2017? Adding a quality bat would help this team now, and that’s where the Pirates’s focus should be. Maybe Snider’s the answer.

Douglas Byrd

Is this a chip to get another player? Choo?

Michael Coyle

I’ve had my heart and soul in this team for a long time. But I am done. Neal huntington is a snake oil selling piece of garbage. The had a chance to do something real and they do this crap. I will never again care and in fact I will forever root against the Pirates for the rest of my life. I hope they lose the next 60 games then die and rot in hell. What a joke. I was a fool to ever think they cared about winning. Anyone who really wants to help the team will stop going to games and supporting this mentality of mediocrity. Pathetic losers and they always will be.




Don’t let the door hit you………..

Dave Parker's Unfiltered Camel

This is what happens when school’s out and children have too much time on their hands


See you back on the bandwagon when they get on a 4-game win streak.

Wesley Weiss

for having your heart and soul in this team for a long time you sure don’t understand baseball. they moved a reliever for a 24 yr old power hitter. i dont know if snider will ever pan out, but i can say with full confidence that we wont be sitting here 3 yrs from now saying we were a brad lincoln away from the pennant.

Jesse Davis

Thank you for this. It was the most hilariously idiotic overreaction I’ve read in some time.

Jim C

Seriously with all the crap the Pirates have done the past 19 yrs this trade is the one that’s going to make you quit rooting for the team? Hyperbole much?

We just traded a reliever who has had one half of a good season in the bullpen for a starting OF that has potential to be a good player. Unless you think Lincoln is going to turn into Mariano Rivera I have a hard time seeing this turning out to be a bad move for the Bucs. I like Lincoln but let’s be honest he’s a reliever. You can find these guys much easier than starting OFs.

Todd Smith

Wow. Hate to think what you might do if we ever trade somebody like Juan Cruz.


Every time I see a comment/tweet like this, I lose faith in all humanity and consider quitting the Internet.


I assume you’ve been following Travis Snider for years and that information informs your opinion? It’s unfortunate that if it turns out to be a good trade you’ll be stuck rooting for the Cleveland Indians, since you severed all ties with the Pirates for perpetuity.


Coyle, you’re an idiot. You’re acting like we just traded Andrew McCutchen. Chill out.

David Brown

I’ve never heard of Travis Snider. Therefore, he is the worst baseball player of all time. Death to NH.


7 out of 9 people get sarcasm.

Zachary Chakan

I love Brad Lincoln. But he has pitched 35 successful innings of baseball in the major leagues. All as a reliever. I hope he has success. But this is not the trade to be up in arms about. Snider can help now (hopefully) and in the future

Peyton Mack

Bye forever


Cool story, bro.

David Todd

Seems maybe a touch overly dramatic, but maybe I’m not catching exactly what you mean.

Max Feinberg

A .235 hitter? The future is now? The Pirates are playing good baseball but take off your black and gold glasses for a second and ask yourself what chance the Pirates have of getting to the playoffs and doing any significant damage. This has been a great season and hopefully that will continue, but don’t kid yourselves. The future is not now. Within reason there is nobody the Pirates can add to make them a TITLE contender. That is the truth.

This gives them a better chance to be a TITLE contender a year or two down the road when the “future” actually arrives. Solid trade NH.

Michael Coyle

That’s b.s. if they got a Pence or Choo or even Dempster we absolutely could go all the way. And I’m not delusional. But this trade is absolutely crap.

Max Feinberg

Do you really believe that we are Shin Soo Choo away from winning the WS? Honestly?

Steve Glenn

I agree, just thought they should be seeking a RH bat…maybe none were available.

Max Feinberg

Agreed. I also would not be surprised if they aren’t done. I see Correia being packaged with solid prospects for a Lincoln-type replacement or maybe an average, yet upgrade RH bat

Steve Glenn

Garrett Jones Pt 2?? Already have a LH hitter with power that has trouble against LHP.
Don’t know about this one…Seems like he’ll be Jones’ replacement for 2013. Thought we should be searching for a RH power bat and a veteran off the bench, but what do I know.

Jesse Davis

Good deal. I thought Lincoln would be in the rotation next year but I’ll certainly take a lefty power bat in need of a change of scenery for him. There’s no guarantee Lincoln becomes more than a high-leverage reliever.


Great……another .235 hitter …..they already have aout 12 of them.

Todd Smith

.250 after tonight. We only have 4 of them.


.235 in 9 games…..chill

Douglas Byrd

This is a high risk deal in some ways. I certainly don’t put much into the Jays fans’ views, they don’t know Lincoln. But it doesn’t help in terms of a leadoff hitter. However, the promise of a Marte, Cutch and Snider outfield is interesting.


High risk? A 27 year old reliever who projects to be no better than a middle rotation guy for a 24 year old outfielder who could solidify the outfield beyond the next presidential election, while possibly helping us this year, without bankrupting the farm? I don’t see this as working out worse than a wash.

Bryan Graham

If this is the answer, then NH obviously doesn’t know what the question was. We just gave up a very good bullpen arm that is helping greatly this season for a guy that is a very unproven commodity. It seems that Lincoln was in some demand in trade talks and was a valuable trading piece and this is what we got? This guy might have a bright future, but the future is now. As of now, we still need a corner outfielder.

John DiVito

Future is now AND the next 10 years. Don’t blow up the future for 1 good year.


Not sure what to think about this one yet. Any thoughts?

Ross Hollopeter

I’m not sure either but it seems like all the Blue Jays fans think they got hosed.

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