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Pirates Shuffle the Rotation With the Addition of Rodriguez

Wandy Rodriguez joined the Pittsburgh Pirates on Thursday and was acquainted with his new team. A strange situation for the left-hander, who was acquired from the Houston Astros on Tuesday in exchange for three prospects, and was officially added to the Pirates roster. Rodriguez arrived to Minute Maid Park just like had for the past seven seasons, but this time he went to a different clubhouse — the visitor’s.

Rodriguez is set to make his Pirates debut on Saturday in Houston against his former club. In with adding Rodriguez to the club’s solid rotation, there comes shuffling.


Correia is the Odd Man Out

Manager Clint Hurdle has decided to remove right-hander Kevin Correia from the rotation and he will pitch in relief out of the bullpen — for now. There have been reports that Pittsburgh is looking to make a trade for Correia. Not since the 2007 season has Correia pitched in relief. He became a starter for the San Diego Padres in 2008 after spending his two previous seasons as a reliever with the San Francisco Giants. Correia will not be available until at least Saturday due to pitching on Wednesday at PNC Park.


Bedard Pushed Back to Monday

Erik Bedard was originally slated to start on Saturday, but will now be pushed back to Monday in Chicago. The move will give the left-hander some extra days off. He recently made some adjustments after the All-Star break, and was dominant his last trip to the mound at PNC Park.

Hurdle also said that he didn’t want to pitch both southpaws — Rodriguez and Bedard — back-to-back in the rotation.

The pitching probables for the weekend will be Jeff Karstens on Friday, Rodriguez on Saturday, James McDonald on Sunday and Bedard on Monday.


With Correia In, Lincoln Late

With Correia being used in long relief from the bullpen, right-hander Brad Lincoln will be used in the later innings. Lincoln has been primarily a starter in his career, but this season with Pittsburgh has been bouncing back-and-forth between starting in relieving. The right-hander has been dominant in relief — just an 0.53 ERA from the bullpen — which is the lowest among relievers. He’s allowed just two earned over 34.0 innings this season.

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Remember 2008? We would have been thrilled to have a starter that consistently went six innings and gave up 2-3 runs and won six in a row. Kevin Correia does that this year and he gets bumped from the rotation. That’s progress.


I feel for Correia and don’t blame him for being disappointed but part of that is because I’m not sure if Wandy is much better than KC although I like that he is a LHP, I wonder how he feels about pitching against the ‘stros on sat.
The pitcher that I’m worried about is JMac he has been a little shaky lately and wonder if he needs a break.


A little disappointing I thought to see Corriea’s interview about being pushed to the pen. Everyone said he was very professional about it, but I didn’t see that in the interview it all. In fact looked to me like he was having a hissy.
If he can’t get behind any and all moves to improve this club to give them all a chance at overcoming 2 decades of losing and possibly adding the firepower to compete in the playoffs – then it’s probably best if they do try to move him.
Best case scenario is that he does jump on the Karstens train, and learns a little humility. Dominate out of the pen and be able to contribute to the wins on a day to day basis rather than every five.
We’ll see. It may be interesting though as a decent starter in a fairly weak market to see what kind of prospect he could bring in. You may not get 3 strong like Wandy brought, but maybe you get one of those kind of players back – Grossman straight up kind of deal?

F Lang

I was fine with Correia’s reaction. He said he’s not happy but he’ll go to the pen and do his best to help the team there. Do you want him to be happy about it and say “Even though I won 6 in a row the stress was getting to me and I will be relieved to pitch in some lower-leverage situations.” People can find anything to put a negative spin on. He’s unhappy because he has been pitching well and got demoted despite that. I know I’d be mad if I went into work and they said “You are doing a great job but we are going to give you something half as important to do because we were lucky enough to get another employee we think is better than you out of the blue.”


I have to agree with you. Good for him. He sounds hungy. He doesn’t want to give up his spot. You have to appreciate that. I hope he gets a chance to get back into our rotation or into the rotation of an AL contender (via trade). I just got a newfound respect for KC.

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