Pirates Don’t Seem Alive on Victorino

Ken Rosenthal had the following tweet this morning about the Pittsburgh Pirates and Shane Victorino.

As Rosenthal notes, things could change between now and tomorrow’s deadline. The news is a bit surprising, as we’ve heard the Pirates connected to Victorino a lot this summer. Of course, on the other side of those talks, Jeff Passan reports that the Phillies are more aggressive in dealing Hunter Pence than they are Victorino. The Phillies are looking to unload some salary next year, and by dealing Pence they’d be getting rid of $3.7 M this year, and upwards of $14 M next year. Victorino is a free agent following the season, so he would have zero impact on reducing next year’s payroll.

  • Aaron Benedict
    July 30, 2012 12:45 pm

    I’d disagree with the assessment that the Pirates have connected to Victorino a lot this summer. There was one report that said the Phillies wanted Lincoln and the Pirates countered with Hughes. The Phillies declined that offer. All the other reports were just piggybacking off of that one report.