Bedard Removed from Outing With Injury

Image Credit: Pittsburgh Pirates

PITTSBURGH, Pa. — Left-hander Erik Bedard was removed from the Pirates game against the Washington Nationals at PNC Park in the top of the second inning due to back spasms.

The lefty needed just five pitches to retire the side in the first inning. The injury occurred after throwing a 1-2 pitch to former bucco Adam LaRoche. Bedard twisted his torso as the Pirates trainers and Manager Clint Hurdle came to the mound. He was removed several minutes later. Right-hander Brad Lincoln was called upon for long relief.

Bedard said his back tightened up on the last pitch to LaRoche. He thought about throwing another pitch, but couldn’t do it.

“Usually back spasms is just one little thing you do, it starts to hurt,” said Bedard, who also suffered from back spasms back in 2008. The injury forced Bedard to miss a start, but since hasn’t had an issues.

Bedard was making his seventh start of the season. He’s posted a 2.57 ERA over 35.0 innings with 37 strikeouts.

“You just do nothing for a couple days and see how fast it comes back,” Bedard said. “Usually hurts for a couple days, then goes away and you’re fine.”

“I think they just jumped up on him,” Pirates skipper Clint Hurdle said after the game. “And that’s all I know.”

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