Weekend Pirates Draft Prospects Preview: 3/30-4/1

Arizona State shortstop Deven Marrero entered the season looking like a sure top five pick. But could his struggles at the plate cause him to slip some in the draft?

The shortstop is currently hitting for a .281/.330/.348 line in 89 at-bats this season, after a 1-for-9 performance mid-week against CS Fullerton. Last year he hit for a .315/.352/.434 line in 219 at-bats.

The main appeal with Marrero is his defense. He’s been compared to a young Omar Vizquel at shortstop for his defensive skills. But would that defense be enough to keep him in the top five, even with poor hitting?

A lot of draft prospect values revolve around “what have you done for me lately” analysis. Players can rise due to strong numbers the year they are drafted. We’re seeing that this year with Kyle Zimmer. But players can also fall due to poor results. It happened with Grant Green in 2009. Green was a top three prospect heading in to the year, but ended up falling out of the top ten picks in the first round after a poor season with USC.

If Marrero continues to struggle, and falls in the draft as a result, the Pirates would be getting a lot of value if he was available at eighth overall. But there’s still two months remaining before the draft, so a lot can change.

Notes From the Past Week

-Deven Marrero went 1-for-9 in a two game series against CS Fullerton.

-Trey Williams went 1-for-2 on Wednesday with his second homer of the year. He was also walked and hit by a pitch.

-Mike Zunino went 1-for-4 with a single against Florida State on Tuesday. Alan Smodic was at the game, and had some Twitter updates. He mentioned that the hit was a solid single through the left side. Zunino threw out a runner trying to steal, and Alan mentioned the runner had no chance.

The schedule for the top draft prospects this weekend:


6:00 PM EST – Georgia Southern (Chris Beck) vs College of Charleston

6:00 PM EST – San Francisco (Kyle Zimmer) vs San Diego

7:30 PM EST – Florida (Mike Zunino) at Ole Miss

8:00 PM EST – LSU (Kevin Gausman) vs Arkansas

9:00 PM EST – Arizona State (Deven Marrero) at Oregon

9:00 PM EST – Stanford (Mark Appel) at Arizona


2:00 PM EST – Valencia HS (Trey Williams) vs Lompoc

2:30 PM EST – Florida (Zunino) at Ole Miss

5:00 PM EST – Arizona State (Marrero) at Oregon

6:00 PM EST – Valencia HS (Trey Williams) vs Rocklin


1:30 PM EST – Florida (Zunino) at Ole Miss

3:00 PM EST – Arizona State (Marrero) at Oregon

2012 Draft

  • If Correa should be somewhere around 15-20, he might be a guy the Pirates would consider because of the new CBA, he would come to them much cheaper than an 8 pick and still give them a quality #1 pick, it would not surprise me if the Pirates make a move like this, a move much like they did when they took Sanchez.
    My No.1 Choice would be Zunino, but as was stated above, not much chance of him being around.

  • Correa’s potential upside (think Miguel Cabrera) is above and beyond what Devin Marrero would bring.  I’d take my chances on a Correa, Weickel, Williams than even consider Marrero.

    • this is rediculous, why does everyone keep saying they want and ask for Correa information? HE IS NOT EVEN A TOP 10 PROSPECT RIGHT NOW!!! he may not even be top 15!! i just read a mock draft from mlb.com having him go at #22. he would be an reach at #8. and by the way, i doubt he has Miguel Cabrera upside because Cabrera is just a giant beast who plays corner positions, while Correa is not even that big

      • I really wish McCutchenIsTheTruth could come on here and back me up on this since I’m just an ordinary smuck with an opinion.

        Here’s the link http://buriedtreasurepirates.blogspot.com/2011/12/early-draft-preview-carlos-correa-matt.html

        There are Top 10 draft prospects (past and present) who don’t make it past A+ for a variety of reasons (injuries, wildness, lack of K zone judgement).  Correa may be a reach but in this situation where the Pirates aren’t able to take a chance on the Josh Bells of the world I think Correa can be very signable and if given enough patience he’ll be a bonafide star.  Correa would fit the same mold as Machado, Sano, Lindor, and Profar were before them in their respective teams.

        Correa is what 17? There’s no tellin what he’ll look like when he reaches his prime.

        • the josh bell/stetson allie situations are lightyears different than this. both were top 15 prospects overall and teams passed on them because of very difficult signability reasons and both said they were going to go to college (allie UNC, bell Texas). correa is not the case at all, hes just not rated that high right now….MLB.com has him at #13. i think correa sounds like a cross between lindor and machado because hes got the glove like lindor and the slight ability for power and may outgrow the position like Machado

        • McCutchenistheTruth
          April 1, 2012 4:32 am

          I’m here bro and don’t worry, I’m just an ordinary smuck with an opinion too.  I do love Correa though.  I had him at #6 on my latest big board ahead of Marrero.  Both are great prospects and the draft is still a few months away, but I just love Correa’s size, bat speed, athleticism and youth. 

          You mentioned Machado and Lindor. I’ll also add Javier Baez to the list.  Correa’s not as good as Machado was at a similar point, but I think he’s got a much better bat than Lindor and a similar bat to Baez with a better chance to stick at SS. 

          I don’t think he’d be a reach at #8 at all and other than Giolito and Kevin Gausman, he’d be my personal favorite that I want us to draft with our pick.

    •  Yep.

  • and might I add Mayo has Correa listed at #13

  • Tim, if you had a choice between Marrero and Correa at 8, who would you take? This is saying Giolito, Zunino, and Buxton are all gone by this point.

    • Marrero.

    • correa right now is not even a top 10 draft prospect, let alone maybe even top 15. marrero in an absolute heartbeat. Jonathan Mayo from MLB.com has his Top 50 draft prospects online and he updates them VERY frequently because I have definitely noticed some big changes to his list. right now its at: #1 Appel, #2 Marrero, #3 Buxton, #4 Zunino, #5 Gausman, a new name for the top 15 in at #6 Albert Amora, #7 Lucas Giolito, #8 Lance McCullers, #9 Max Fried, #10 Kyle Zimmer

  • Hey Tim, was waiting on this post to add a few thoughts on Zunino. Though I’m sure my findings aren’t too different from the general scouting reports already available.

    Zunino’s swing is very compact, and he has quick hands to go with it. Easy to see why he’s a good hitter. He did have one at-bat where he got into a hole and watched a third strike go by. He didn’t look as if he was fooled by the pitch, so I would have liked to see him foul it off and battle. His hit came against a relief pitcher (Zunino was the first batter the pitcher faced) that he just attacked. Saw an early fastball and drilled it through the left side gap.

    As you already mentioned, the baserunner that tried to steal had no shot. The throw was a hard one hopper on the money … shortstop barely had to move the glove to make the tag. Throw beat the runner by a couple steps — I believe it was the only person that tried to run (though I could be forgetting).

    Tough to have more thoughts after only one game, but he was clearly the best player on the field. His hit led the rally that put Florida back on top of the game (had been shut out up to that point) and he seemed pretty vocal as a leader in the dugout at that point. 

    Somebody will be getting a solid prospect if they select him.

    • Thanks for the great report! Unfortunately, I think Zunino is too good to fall to the Pirates at 8th overall.

      • for some odd reason i eventually think the Pirates will end up getting another pitcher once again. because the non-pitching talent is very top heavy and most likely won’t fall out of the top 7 (zunino, marrero, buxton, marrero). so the pirates may have to stray towards the likes of Zimmer, Beck, Gausman.

         by the way Tim, i would also add HS prospect Joey Gallo to this Prospect Tracker…..apparently he’s been opening TONS of eyes and playing impressive in the National High School Invitational thats going on at the USA Baseball facility. his draft stock is definitely rising VERY RAPIDLY