The Edwin Jackson Campaign Has Begun

Last night as I was going to bed I noticed a conversation starting up on Twitter. Brian from Raise the Jolly Roger (@rtjr) and Jon from The “Mc” Effect (@McEffect) discovered Edwin Jackson’s Twitter account. The two suggested sending messages to Jackson to convince him to sign with the Pirates.

Other fans joined in, and the Twitter hash tag #EJaxtoBucs was born. A search of the hash tag will show you all of the messages sent to Jackson. And it’s not just Pirates fans that are getting in on the action. Pirates players themselves are also joining in.

That started last night when Joel Hanrahan responded to a question on where Edwin Jackson will end up:

@EJ36 @toriihunter48 @RawlingsFstore would look awfully good in some black and gold!!!

Pirates starter James McDonald also joined in on the action this morning:

I hope @EJ36 is a bucco next year

Jackson responded to the campaign this morning:

Thanks to the #BucsNation for the support It is very much appreciated!

Will the campaign work? It’s very unlikely. Jackson is represented by Scott Boras, which means it’s going to take a lot more than a Twitter campaign to get him to Pittsburgh. But the campaign is eye opening, not only showing how many Pirates fans want Edwin Jackson, but also showing that some of the players want him as well. I think I’ve written a thing or two this off-season about why the Pirates should add Jackson. After this campaign they should at least make a call on Jackson, if they haven’t already.

  • Tim – I was talking about them being the centerpieces of the trade. However, I disagree with you a little bit in that NH will listen to offers.  It will also depend on the success of Tabata, Marte, Presley and Hernandez for the Pirates to really get serious about trading him.  If even one of those guys falter, you don’t trade McCutchen.  That is a very realistic probability

    • no point in trading Cutch this year I dont think his trade value will go down at all if hes traded next year. Mostly do to the fact that noone can match his value now so wait until they can and have an allstar CF until then. Believe me im with you in trading him eventually though

  • I’ve been starting to think that McCutchen is going to be traded this season at the deadline. There will be plenty of contending teams who would kill for a CF of his caliber.  The simple fact that it keeps getting brought up if he could be traded to NH, maybe there is fire behind that smoke?  About about the Nationals trading for McCutchen, we get Rendon and Purke back.  Rendon could play 1st next season and would fit nicely into our line-up.  Purke will be a nice addition to Cole and Taillon in a couple of years.  If we needed to sweeten the pot a little bit, throw in Lincoln and move on from him.

  • Great effort just trying to get the attention of Pirate Management.  They truly seem to be the most evasive group of people I have ever encountered in any sport.  For instance, how are the negotiations going with Andrew McCutchen?  Are they still talking or have they walked away from one another?  I have probably gone off the deep end, but I consider his signing for at least 6 years as being more important than anything the Pirates do in 2012, because he was drafted by the Pirates, Developed by the Pirates, and is now Starring for the Pirates.  The guys at MLB selected him as the 3rd Best CF in Baseball today behind Kemp and Ellsbury and surprisingly, just ahead of Granderson.  His signing would send a clear signal that the Pirates are serious about trying to compete in the future – wrapping up your own players has to come first if they have talent and you want your team to get better.

    I think he is well worth 6 years, $51.5 mil with a 7th year as a Club Option or Vesting Option.  Can you get their attention to that priority?  I have heard that Andrew’s camp is not wanting to talk about his first two FA years – that’s the GM’s job – to make things happen.  This is the best prospect through our system for at least the last 15 years and we are stuck?         

  • Nutting strikes again,  40Mil payroll and too cheap to add a quality player.  I guess he is making more money by putting a minor club and has beens on the field.  The “Burgh” deserves better than this,  He needs to take a lesson from the Steelers and Pens…build it and they will come!

  • WTF

  • And the EJax campaign is Over. Nats get him.

    The Pirates were never really after him anyway.” If ” they sign anyone it will probably be in the 2m range

  • Scratch that…Nationals just signed him to a 1 yr deal for 8-12 million per MLBTR. 

  • seriously the speed in the outfield and low cost of living in Pittsburgh could be things a high priced pitcher would want

    • income taxes could cancel out that cost of living depending upon where it is being compared to.

      • I dont think DC is gonna cancel that out 😉 But if you live just outside of allegheny county its a steal for a rich guy

  • I can understand Jon and Brian’s frustration, there is a seemingly perfect fit available with a falling price tag and we arn’t even mentioned as a suitor. Maybe, just maybe this could at least plant the seed with EJax to have Boras call NH again?

  • I’ve been thinking for a while that 4 years at $40-44M would get the job done for Jackson.
    I wonder if the Pirates only wanted to commit to 3 years if they could increase the avg/year to say $12M.

    That would be a 3 – $36M contract.  Jackson gets some cash money, gets the chance for a final big contract one year earlier, and the Pirates have their bridge pitcher to Cole/Taillon.

  • I love that this type of campaign is happening.  I will add my two cents on Twitter as well @AnimalHouseShow – Edwin Jackson for 3 years – $30M might get it done for the Pirates.  The nice thing is, he would start out this season as #1 on the depth chart but by the time he were to leave(2014), he would be #2 or #3 depending on Cole and Taillon.