Pirates President Frank Coonelly Charged With DUI

According to Dejan Kovacevic, Pittsburgh Pirates president Frank Coonelly was charged with a DUI on December 22nd. Coonelly had a blood-alcohol content of .16, which is higher than the Pennsylvania legal limit of .08.

Pennsylvania has a tiered system for DUI charges. A blood-alcohol content of .16 or higher is the fourth of four tiers. A first time offense in that range draws a fine between $1000-$5000, 3 days to six months in prison, and a 12 month driver’s license suspension. The court can allow a restricted license after 60 days of the original suspension.

Coonelly was also charged with driving the wrong way, and careless driving. Per the article in the Trib, he will have a hearing on March 20th. Check the link above for quotes from Coonelly and Pirates’ owner Bob Nutting.

  • Fire him.  A DUI is one of the worst offenses in my book, especially with how drunk he was. He deserves more than a firing, he deserves to be in jail for years in my opinion.  I hate that DUIs don’t get greater punishments in this country.

  • hah!


    Did he have a suspended license at the time of this DUI? I think his license was just revoked in reaction to this incident.  Or at least that’s all the article stated.

    The guy definitely messed up, and this was a completely irresponsible move.  I’m not calling for his firing, or otherwise, but if this is the first time something like this has happened, I would lean towards giving him a second chance. 

    I’m sure the board and NH know a lot more than we do.  So if he’s a closet lush, in that case, this is the perfect opportunity to purge him from the organization.

  • Firing won’t happen. Nutting has issued his statement and didn’t condemn him. Happened 2 months ago and wasn’t mentioned. But if he made a damning internet tweet, like Sanchez, would all hell break loose? He was pretty well looped, put himself and others in potential danger and had a suspended license? WOW.

  • He deserves to fired IMO