Pirates Made a Three Year Offer to Edwin Jackson

Last week we heard that Edwin Jackson received a few three year offers before eventually signing a one year, $11 M deal with the Washington Nationals. Ken Rosenthal reports today that the Pirates were one of the teams with a three year offer.

Rosenthal tweeted that the Pirates made a three year offer to Jackson, and also made a one year offer which was below the amount that Jackson received from Washington. He followed up that he didn’t know the details of the three year offer, but that he was told it was “substantial”, and in the range of $10 M a year.

It’s encouraging to hear that the Pirates attempted to sign Jackson, as he was definitely a fit for them. If they offered three years at around $10 M a year, that’s definitely a fair offer. But I think the reality is that the Pirates can’t offer a fair price and get the player. Jackson chose to go to Washington because he viewed them as a contender, and because it gave him a chance to re-enter the market next year.

Because of the Pirates’ current situation, it would take an above market price to get players to sign here. We saw that earlier in the off-season with Rod Barajas and Clint Barmes. Jackson is just another example.

This marks the second year in a row that the Pirates have made a big multi-year offer to a free agent starting pitcher. Last year they went for Jorge de la Rosa, reportedly offering him a multi-year deal that paid around $10 M a year. De La Rosa ended up re-signing with Colorado, who gave him a player option after year two, which would allow him to re-enter free agency if he played above his contract the first two years.

  • I think Jackson turned down other three year offers too.  The Bucs would probably have had to pay $36 to $40 to get Jackson for the 3 years.  I could see going to $12 million a year but would be worried about going over that.  Free agents are not the only way to improve the team.  This might have been the year to trade for someone with a higher contract.  Some have said that it was good that Bucs didn’t pick up Cedeno’s option because he signed for much less.  I would use the same argument to say that the Bucs overpaid for Barmes and Barajas.  The Bucs jumped on them and gave them offers that they were not getting from anyone else.  If they would have done that for Jackson they might have signed him.  I think the team is very reluctant to sign anyone for a multi-year deal for over $10 million a year and Andrew McCuth will be first player to get such a deal.

  • Biertemple says Pirates tried to inquire about Oswalt and were ready to jump into bidding war but were rebuffed.
    Nobody wants to pitch for Pirates these days. They need to get back to contention for a couple years if they want top free agents to consider playing in Pittsburgh.

  • 20 losing seasons come September, I don’t blame Jackson for not wanting to sign a 3 year deal with this organization.

  • Sorry Pirates, but you are going to have to spend a little bit of that moldy revenue sharing money if you want to sign a free agent.  If they want any decent free agent to sign with them, they will have to overpay, just like Washington did with Werth.  A 3 year $33-$35 million contract would have been a positive move for the Pirates and would have been nowhere near crippling.  They would have a decent #3 or #4 starter in place when Tallion and Cole moved up to be our aces.  This was just a feeble attempt to show the fans that they tried.

    • “This was just a feeble attempt to show the fans that they tried.”  

      Since when is 30mil feeble, no one else made him an offer that good.
      Instead of ripping the Bucs for trying to spend 30mil, it is about time that the Pirates got some credit for trying to make the team better, this was no feeble attempt.
      Boston tried to get Jackson for a lot less than the Pirates offered.
      Sometimes it is not the team, sometimes it is the “PLAYUA”, deals have two sides,

      Toronto has had players turn them down because they don’t like the artificial field, unless the press can give me reasons why players take or don’t take deals, I see no reason to bash a club.

      • It’s feeble when you are getting ready for your 20th straight year of losing and your payroll is paid by welfare from the successful clubs.  The Pirates knew that wouldn’t get it done.  They just did it to pacify the suckers.  Unfortunately for the Pirates, they will have to overpay to get any half decent free agent to sign with them.  Bad example, Boston wins year in and year out, players want to go play for a winning team.  They don’t have to pay as much as the Pirates do and they sure as s**t don’t need him as much as the Pirates do.

        Get realistic, it is the team. Until they do something positive, I will continue to bash them when it is deserved and hopefully someday I can praise them as well.  I won’t hold my breath.

  • We need to go after OSwalt now, nobody else who wants him has the money or willing to give him what he wants.  He can give us 110 innings and Bedard gives us 100 thats a lot better then we have been. 

  • Why on earth was this leaked?  Pirate front office feeling a tiny smidgen of heat?

  • Isn´t it time to go for a trade? For a second year straight, a FA pitcher says NO to the Pirates, even though the offer was at market value. I think it`s time to go for a trade for someone like Gavin Floyd maybe.

  • And De La Rosa blew his arm out right away in April if i’m not mistaken…That’s why I wouldn’t give any pitcher a three year deal. Let’s see if Edwin Jackson stays healthy for three years. I bet he doesn’t.

    •  You wouldn’t give any pitcher a 3 year deal, that absolutely ridiculous, so when Tallion and Cole are up and need to be signed, you wouldn’t give them a 3 yr deal. Or any other pitcher you wouldn’t give one, if the FO had the money to sign Matt Cain you would say no, or Cole Hamels you would say no? I love the fact that they did I wish they would have went to 3 yr/ 45 mil, I know that’s an overpay but that one less Barmes type per year. Look at Jackson’s stuff, hes not an elite pitcher but he would have had the best stuff  that the Pirates have had in 20 years.

  • Feel like the Pirates dodged a bullet there. Wouldn’t want him for three years.

  • With having a good chance to be on a winning team and go into free agency again he has a good chance of making a lot more than $30 million over the next 3 years.

    He’ll have a good chance of putting up a winning record and throwing around 200 innings.  If he can go 15-11 with ERA below 4, he’ll get a good deal at the end of the year.

    anyway I”m glad the Bucs made a run at him but still wonder what the plan was going into this off -season.  It just didn’t seem to be either creative or effective at improving the team.

    • “It just didnt seem to be either creative or effective at improving the team”

        Some would say that the team improved with the subtractions then additions, while others would say the team regressed.  It’s fairly obvious that the FO is hoping the young players continue to develop into Major Leaguers while adding players who won’t break the bank.

        That being said, there’s no telling how many players NH has tried to sign this offseason.  We can’t assume that Jackson was the only one.  There’s also no telling how many possible trade scenarios came up in the last couple of months.

        Fans may be upset at the results but I don’t believe it should be from a lack of trying.  It’s easy to say you are going to sign a player, or trade for a certain other, but the truth, right now, is that it’s extremely hard to get a quality player to come to the Burgh via free agency, and doubly hard getting a trade pulled off without selling the farm in the process.

        5 years from now, we’ll be saying the exact same things today;  that the new GM doesn’t know what he is doing, Nutting is cheap, and that Mark Cuban would make the Pirates legitimate again.  Or Lemieux.  Or Bing Crosby’s ghost.

      • The thing is we donot know if it is from lack of trying so the bottom line is what counts for me. Fc needs to evaluate how the pirates are trying and why they are not successful -trading pounders was a small move, the free agent signings were small moves maybe the team does need to overpay to jump start the team. It is not likely the bucs are going to have the best minor league system so putting all eggs inthat basket will result in failure

    • I’m glad he turned the Pirates down.  Three years would have been a bad deal for the Pirates.  For all his talent, he seems to put up the same marginal numbers everywhere he pitches.

      Another issue to consider is that Rizzo and Boras have a pretty good relationship.  There is nothing stopping them from signing him to an extension later on.

  • Well, you can’t really blame him. 

  • If Jackson took a 1 year 11 million deal over 3 years 30 mil he and his agent are not very bright. Even with the Pirates history the chances of Jackson pitching himself into more than 10 mil for 2-3 years is slim.  Maybe he just likes his chances of being on a winning team in Washington more than with the Pirates.

    • It seemed like they were set on taking a one year deal and re-entering the market next year at the age of 29 with another shot at a five year deal.
      I’m not sure how well that will work out for Jackson. The 2013 free agent list includes Matt Cain, Zack Greinke, Cole Hamels, Colby Lewis, Francisco Liriano, Shaun Marcum, Anibal Sanchez, and Jonathan Sanchez. Plus Scott Baker, Jorge de la Rosa, Gavin Floyd, Dan Haren, Jake Peavy, Ervin Santana, James Shields, and Carlos Zambrano all have various options. If any of those guys are added to the market, it will only hurt Jackson’s chances of getting that huge deal.

    • Yeah, that strategy is odd.  There are a ton of pitchers in his class (or above like Hamels and Matt Cain) on the FA market next year potentially.  Not all would get there of course.
      It’s my personal preference, but I would take the security of a guaranteed $30M rather than the stress of going year to year.  There’s also the Scott Boras influence in his ear, of course.

      • He must think he is going to go 17-10 with a 3.00 era or something like that. That could get him a 5 year deal I guess.

      • If you were already a millionaire his straegy is less risky