Pirates Exchange Figures With Jones, McGehee

The Pittsburgh Pirates reached pre-arbitration deals with five players in the last two days, but were unable to come to a deal with their final two players. The club exchanged arbitration figures today with those two players: Garrett Jones and Casey McGehee. According to the figures produced by Rob Biertempfel, the sides are close.

Jones submitted for $2.5 M, while the Pirates submitted for $2.25 M. McGehee submitted for $2.725 M, while the Pirates submitted for $2.35 M.

From here, Jones and McGehee will have arbitration hearings set up sometime between February 1st and 15th. The Pirates can come to a deal with either player up until the hearings begin. If no deal is reached, the two sides argue their case and an arbiter determines which side’s salary figure should be used.

It would seem to be unlikely that either player makes it to arbitration with figures so close. Submitting figures is more or less each side showing their hand. The Pirates are only $250 K apart from Jones, and $375 K apart from McGehee. My guess is that they’ll meet in the middle before the hearings take place.

The 2012 40-man roster/payroll has been updated with the new figures taken in to account. Previously Jones was projected for $2.4 M and McGehee was projected for $3.1 M, based off of the MLBTR estimates. I used the mid-point for each player for the new estimates, which didn’t change much for Jones, but lowered McGehee by about $600 K. The estimated 40-man payroll is now barely over $46 M.

  • Why don’t free agents want to come to Pittsburgh?  The skyline? not enough Spanish speakers?

    Or is the real answer is that they think the Pirates stink and don’t want to play for a loser?

    • A guy like Oswalt whos been on perennial contenders and isn’t exactly in his twilight looking for anywhere to play that will have him can pick and choose his spots. He might even benefit by sitting out until late May and joining a team. Larger markets also bring more endorsement opportunities for larger dollars. States like Tex and Fla have no state tax adding $ to any contract signed for those teams.

      And yes they stink and don’t want to lose 90 games while living in a city 2nd only to seattle in cloudy days. ZWith no discernable nightlife for a young rich fellow and the biggest celebrities and the Steelers and Sally Wiggin

  • Time for the owner to man up and spend $8-10 MM/yr for a SP who should be a #3 starter on a really good team but will be our #1 for the next 1-2 years

    • like whom?

      do you think Oswalt would actually come to the Burgh?  Do you think Jackson would take less than he wants to come here?

      Remember that the FO tried to bring Jorge De La Rosa here last season for a rumored $10MM per season and got rejected.

      It takes two to tango, and three to mosh.

    • The only free agent left who fits that description is Roy Oswalt. At this point in his career I really do not see him taking a deal with the Pirates. So I guess you are meaning make a trade for a guy like Floyd? I would gladly take that but I am a little worried as to what the prospect price may be.

      By the way in case you had Jackson in mind he is seeking a deal for more than 10 million a year.

      • Oswalt, Jackson, or Vazquez – we can always say nobody will come to Pittsburgh because we stink and no amount of $ will make a difference but Detroit paid Pudge enough to get him after losing like 110-120 games so offer Oswalt 3yrs/$30MM, Jackson 4yrs/$40MM, or Vazquez 2yrs/$20MM and if all 3 turn you down offer Rich Harden 1yr/$3-4MM… worst case between Bedard and Harden you probably get 1 full year of excellent pitching for $8MM

    • I think the market for E JAx is really drying up and a longer deal could get it done for the Bucs. Boston is rumored to like Gavin Floyd and the Yanks are out on him. I would think most teams would be willing to go 3/33ish on him but if the Bucs went 4/40 he could be a possible get. Oswalt is going to have to prove he’s healthy before he gets any substantial contract. The 1b market is about dried up as well Pena Lee and Kotchman could all be had at a reduced price IMO.
      Perfect world they get Pena and E Jax(which I believe is improbable but doable) but getting 1 or the another wouldn’t be bad. Worst case I think they still land J Francis.