Derrek Lee Declines Arbitration

  • Ideally, I would want Lee to come back. However, I’m fine with giving Pena a multiyear deal if that’s what he wants (assuming his asking price doesn’t turn said contract into an albatross). The Pirates don’t have any prospects who look ready to take the major league job, save Alvarez bouncing back offensively and moving to the position. I know they have Matt Hague and Matt Curry in the minors, but Curry hasn’t reached AAA yet, and Hague doesn’t profile as a MLB starter. 

  • Pena would more than likely require a multi year deal. Not sure I would want to stuck with him for more than one year.

  • I still see Lee as an ideal candidate.  There’s a good chance that he doesn’t want to return to Pittsburgh, however, there’s also a good chance that he would re-sign with Pittsburgh after the market determines his value once the big name guys fall into place.  He would be stupid to sign impetuously and forgo what will in all likelihood be at least a million dollars, if not a few.  Ultimately, if Lee chooses to leave Pittsburgh, Pena would be a great option as well.  If the Pirates are willing to give Lee close to 10 million for 2012, there’s no reason they shouldn’t be willing to give Pena closer to, if not, 12 million.  That would have to be an intriguing deal; he comes in getting a raise over 2011, he’d be penciled immediately into the 4-hole, and be a huge deal in this city.

    1 – Tabata
    2 – Presley
    3 – McCutchen
    4 – Pena
    5 – Walker
    6 – Alvarez
    7 – Barmes
    8 – Barajas

    Sounds better than last year.  Just need to keep these guys healthy, I would have loved to have seen how many more games they would have won in that good first half if the line up was what it was supposed to be.

  • I think its pretty obvious that Lee will only play in Pittsburgh for the money.  I would rather have the pick than a dissatisfied stop gap solution.

  • I read that Lee is just waiting for Pujols and Fielder to sign to set the market before he does anything…doesn’t necessarily mean he doesn’t want to stay here.  Also I’d much rather have Lee than Pena, Pena is just another Adam LaRoche.

  • I’m good with the draft pick.  If they were willing to give Lee ~$10MM, might as well throw an offer out to Pena.