Sports Illustrated: Best Free Agent Fits For Pirates

Yesterday we saw MLB Trade Rumors list their top 50 free agents, with predictions that the Pittsburgh Pirates would sign Carlos Pena, Ramon Hernandez, and Jeff Francis.  Today, Sports Illustrated released a list of their top 50 free agents, noting the best fit for each player.  They listed two players as “best fits” for the Pirates.

The first player was Ramon Hernandez, who they had ranked 39th.  They also had Rich Harden listed, noting that he might be a low risk, high reward type signing for a team like the Pirates.

I wouldn’t read anything in to two predictions that link the Pirates to Hernandez.  It’s simply drawing a line from one of the few teams looking for catching, and connecting it to one of the few top catchers on the market.  It is interesting that each outlet predicted that the Pirates would go for a low-risk, high-reward type pitcher, although Harden clearly has a higher ceiling than a guy like Francis.

They had Carlos Pena connected to the Brewers, Derrek Lee connected to the Twins, and Paul Maholm connected to the Red Sox.

  • Washed up guys is exactly what the Pirates will be looking to add.

  • None of the SI guys should be approached. SI only thinks they fit because they are likely washed up or not a good fit with any other team.  Kind of like giving Mikey the bowl of Life cereal.

    I would take a shot at Loney because he is young enough to be around a while and was once highly regarded.  It depends on what he would want to sign here.

  • Loney i do believe was resigned i think. I like Loney. Laird and Ramon Hernandez would upgrade the catching position at Doumit cost. Kotchman will be a bit cheaper then Lee if Lee doesnt want to be a Pirate. SS position hmmm –  Clint Barmes reminds me of Bobby Crosby so not sure on that position i might look at trades. – Starting pitching- Harang, Francis , Bruce Chen, Chris Capuano, Chris Young some of the guys to look at there.

  • Play Jones @ 1st, sign Doumit for less $, let McHenry play. 

  • Aaron Harang, Gerald Laird, Casey Kotchman,  Derrek Lee, Clint Barmes, Jeff Francis, Chris Capuano some of the list the pirates should be interested in

    • if hes let go, i recommend James Loney of the Dodgers.  even if hes not, he could be had in a fair deal, IMO.

      really good hitter away from Dodger stadium his whole career.

    •  Laird has a career .241 average, no thanks, I would rather play Fort McHenry.  Kotchman is garbage, would rather start Hague.  Lee, yes but he won’t sign with Pittsburgh and has already made that clear.  Francis and Capuano, whatever, Maholm is better than both. 

    •  Barmes isn’t an upgrade over Cedeno either. 

    •  Harang – 3.05 at home and 4.70 on the road