Nick Kingham and Alex Dickerson are Top NYPL Prospects

Baseball America has released their top 20 prospects for the New York-Penn League today, with two Pirates Prospects making the list.  Nick Kingham and Alex Dickerson were both named to the top 20 list, with scouting reports found here for subscribers.

Kingham ranked 9th, after putting up a 2.15 ERA in 71 innings, along with a 47:15 K/BB ratio.  Kingham was the third highest pitcher rated in the league.  2011 third round pick Alex Dickerson came in at 11th, after hitting for a .313/.393/.493 line in 150 at-bats.

The one notable omission was Stetson Allie, although it’s possible that he didn’t have enough innings to qualify for the list.  Two players who missed the list while putting up strong numbers were pitcher Ryan Hafner and outfielder Wes Freeman.

  • Kingham may be the organizations #1 prospect by the end of next year.

    • idk bout that, but he might be in the top 10 for sure

    • That’s a bold statement.  He won’t even crack the top 10 next year.  First off, the top 5, unless they all played the entire season in Pittsburgh, would have to have their plane or bus crash, leaving them mangled.  Next, 6-10 would have to do so terribly that they would be released, not moved down or traded.  Then, Kingham might be on the back half of the top 10.  Come on, let him work, he put up a good season in State College, however, it was just State college.  I’m interested to see what he can do in West Virginia next year. 

  • Thats because Wes Freeman has been at this level for several years and this season might be a fluke and not progression….