Gerrit Cole Wants Strasburg Money

You had to know this was coming.  According to Jon Heyman, top overall pick Gerrit Cole wants something close to Stephen Strasburg’s record setting $15.067 M contract.  The contract for Strasburg was a major league deal, with a $7.5 M bonus, and the rest paid between 2009 and 2012.

This isn’t unusual.  Scott Boras is the adviser for Cole, and Boras usually picks out the biggest contract in history as a starting point for his negotiations.  As an example, for years, college hitters represented by Boras have been said to want Mark Teixeira money ($9.5 M major league deal).  Inevitably, the price comes down.  Pedro Alvarez got the Mark Teixeira reference, and ended up signing for $6.335 M, after all of the fuss about the post-deadline signing calmed down.

My guess on Cole in the past has been that he will receive David Price money.  Price was the first overall pick in the 2007 draft, and received an $8.5 M deal, with a $5.6 M signing bonus.  I don’t think Cole’s deal will be six years long, but will instead be shorter, meaning more money in the long term (as he wouldn’t risk any of his arbitration years being replaced with money from his draft signing).  We’ve already seen one player accept a major league deal, and that was Cole’s teammate Trevor Bauer, who accepted a $7.4 M major league deal with a $3.5 M bonus.  That deal could mean that Cole will receive around $10 M overall, rather than the $8.5 M that Price received in 2007.

  • Charlie Grinn
    August 11, 2011 2:13 pm

    I’m not too thrilled about Cole either. I believe he is good, don’t get me wrong. But I would not be too upset if they didn’t sign him. The supplemental pick they’d get for not signing him might be a good thing. It is so rare for first round pitchers to end up as true number one starters. Is this guy supposed to be a number 1? I’m not even sure. I hope he is.

    • True, but this guy has the potential, given they’re able to sort out his mechanical issues, to be brought up later next year and be ready to contribute.  I’m just so sick of the Scott Boras crap, I’d have to agree with the people supporting the slotting system.  What’s this guy gonna do if he doesn’t sign?  Go pitch in an independent league for a year, and waste his time?  He’s definitely not going back to college.  It would be nice to see two power arms like Cole and Taillon at the front of the rotation in a few years.  The Allie as a starter experiment hasn’t gone well thus far, but it is still his first year, so that’s still up in the air.  Maybe the worst thing that can be done to Allie is to be compared to Taillon, two completely different pitchers, two completely different people, which results in needing two completely different methods of supporting their growth.

  • well, compared to his teammate Trevor Bauer, Cole didn’t have a good year; I wanted the Bucs to take Bauer first; hopefully I’ll be proved wrong. Trevor is already pitching well in the Diamondbacks system, while the Pirates have to deal with Boras until 12:01AM Tuesday; as I said, hopefully I’ll be proved wrong and Cole will be a stud

  • I  never cared for this pick. All i can do is look at a players numbers and Cole did not impress me with his. Experts can sit around and tell me why his numbers were down all they want the fact of the matter is he sucked.

    The Pirates have 9million HS pitchers who are projectable and they are all getting their brains beaten out

    There is a flaw in the system.

    They are spending vast amounts of money on losers.

    There needs to be a change in the system before it is too late.

    • for the record, Cole’s 2011 season didnt “suck”.

    • That is a really bad argument.  They may have many high school pitchers that are projectable, but how many can throw 101 in their seventh inning?   What if what they say about it just being a matter of fixing his mechanics, then many of his problems are solved.  This isn’t the NFL, you don’t draft game ready players, you draft guys that can throw 100 all night and hope you can teach them where to throw it, then you have a Justin Verlander, not a Rodrigo Lopez.

  • This money is absurd.  The MLB slotting system can’t get here soon enough.  Let’s hope it is enforced, even though the Bucs have been one of the big offenders recently in the later rounds.