Signing Bonuses: Alex Dickerson, Jason Creasy

The Pittsburgh Pirates officially announced the signings of third round pick Alex Dickerson and eighth round pick Jason Creasy last week.  Baseball America has announced their signing bonuses.  Dickerson received $380,700, which is right around slot for the 91st overall pick.  Creasy received $250,000.  Technically there are no slot prices after the 5th round, although the unofficial ceiling is $150,000, which technically makes Creasy an “over-slot” signing.  He received more than 6th round pick Dan Gamache ($125,000) and 4th round pick Colten Brewer ($240,000).

The draft pick signing tracker is updated.  The Pirates have spent $1,115,700 in announced bonuses so far this year.

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I hope we can sign Bell. Going by this he might be slotted for a 500,000 bonus or higher. What 18 year old is going to turn that down for college? your not living on this planet if you would rather go to college than earn that kind of scratch. College can always come later if its so important.

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