Pirates Coming on Strong for 17th Round Pick

Kendall Rogers of Perfect Game had the following update about 2011 17th round pick Aaron Brown:

Also heard just now that #Pirates 17th-rd pick OF Aaron Brown may or may not head to #Pepperdine. #Pittsburgh coming on strong. #mlbdraft

Brown was the 149th ranked prospect in the draft, according to Baseball America, listed as a two way player: a left handed pitcher and an outfielder.  The Pirates drafted him as a right fielder, which could rule out his future as a pitcher.  They took a similar approach with first baseman Jared Lakind last year.  He can throw 90 MPH as a pitcher, so he fits well in right field.  Brown would be one of the key over-slot targets for the Pirates, and this news is definitely encouraging.  It doesn’t say much about his decision, but the fact that the Pirates are coming on strong is good to hear.

The Pirates started signing guys like Ryan Hafner and Jared Lakind last year around the 10th.  I wouldn’t imagine the big deals for later round guys will come any earlier this year.