Rounds 31-35: Two Interesting Position Players

34th round pick Rosado was selected by the Colorado Rockies in the 11th round last year.

The players drafted in these rounds are either going to be organizational depth in the lower levels, or talented guys that are tough to sign.  That’s the case here, as the first three look like organizational guys.  That said, the final two picks of the round seem to be interesting prospects, with some good tools.  They also should be difficult to sign at this stage.

Derek Trent, C, 31st Round

Baseball America rated Trent as Tennessee’s 23rd best prospect in a good year for the state, referring to him as “one of the nation’s better senior signs.”  He played the outfield as well as catching, and so isn’t as advanced with the latter as the typical senior, but his arm rates as average or better.  He’s shown a good bat with power and consistently improving plate discipline, and he hits left-handed, which is always a plus for a catcher.  As a senior he shouldn’t be hard to sign and he could prove to be more than an organizational guy.

David Jagoditsh, RHP, 32nd Round

Jagoditsh didn’t pitch much in 2011, getting in only six games and throwing two innings for Pima CC.  That’s the same school that produced Donald Veal.  Jagoditsh has appeal due to his size, at 6′ 7″, 230 lbs.  He didn’t play in 2011 until April, so it’s possible there was an injury involved.  If signed, he would likely pitch out of the bullpen in the lower levels.

Chris Lashmet, 3B, 33rd Round

Lashmet has been a solid offensive performer for Northwestern for four years, but was never previously drafted.  Baseball America rated him the 25th best prospect in a weak year for Illinois, without explanation.  He doesn’t appear to have great power and is likely to be an organizational player.

Juan Rosado, 1B, 34th Round

Rosado, who goes by “Hommy”, is an interesting 34th round pick.  He was selected by the Colorado Rockies in the 11th round last year, but opted to attend LSU-Eunice.  Baseball America rated him as the 8th best prospect out of Louisiana for the 2011 draft.  His best tool is his bat, with a bit of power, highlighted by eight homers in 169 at-bats this year.  He played third base in college, although his lack of range makes him more of a first baseman, which is where the Pirates drafted him. He might be tough to sign, since he didn’t sign as an 11th round pick, making it unlikely that he’d be easy to sign as a 34th round pick.

Reid Mathews, 2B, 35th Round

Mathews was a thirdbaseman and closer in high school.  Baseball America does not rate him among the top 41 prospects in Tennessee.  Other scouting reports characterize him as having a good bat with some power projection and good range.  He has a commitment to Austin Peay.  The Pirates may have drafted him as a backup in case they fail to sign some of their early picks, or they may just want to follow him in summer ball.

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