Pedro Alvarez Starting His Rehab Work Today

Alvarez will start his rehab work today with the GCL Pirates.

Pedro Alvarez will be starting his rehab work today with the GCL Pirates, who play at 12:00 PM.  The Bradenton Marauders Facebook page also mentions that he could be moved up to high-A by tomorrow.

The beginning of his rehab work puts a timetable on Alvarez’s return.  Position players can spend up to 20 days on rehab assignment, which means that Alvarez will return no later than July 17th.  Depending on how he’s progressing, the Pirates could opt to bring him back earlier, although that would only happen if he’s fully healed.

The Pirates catch a bit of a break, as they only play 15 games between now and the 17th, thanks to the All-Star Game.  They also have a fairly easy schedule between now and then, with five games against Houston, three games against the Cubs, and seven games combined against Toronto and Washington, who are both hovering around .500.  If Alvarez doesn’t experience any set backs, he will return in time for the Pirates to see a stretch that features the Reds, Cardinals, Braves, and Phillies to wrap up the month.

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IMO it does not matter who the pitcher is or at what level he is at, Pedro still has to prove he can hit a pitch that is 85mph, down the middle, any pitcher at any level can throw that pitch.
When Pedro starts hitting those pitches, we can progress to the big boy curve balls.

The big problem is,  they are playing better in Pittsburgh without him, at least his replacements don’t strikeout as much as he did, don’t hit a lot of homeruns, but he only hit 2 and his replacements get some hits even if they are not home runs, they are fast, they help with speed, so Pedro gives you 2 homeruns and a Mendosa batting average, little speed, can’t bunt so he can’t help with a small ball game on a team that has to play small ball, even the Phillies play small ball.
If I had him I would put him in AAA until he at least hits AAA pitching, before I would bring him back to the majors.

Pedro is definitly part of the future, but only part of this teams solution if he can perform as he was expected to do, if he can’t help this year, bring him back if the Bucs fall out of contention or keep him in the minors until he hits.

As long as the Bucs are contenders, experimenting should not  happen IMO.


Give him Ciriaco’s seat. His bat play’s perfectly there.

I sure hope he has got a lot of BP while he has been sitting around.  It sure would be nice to see him rake while on his rehab assignments.  I know that the level the pitchers he will face should be under him.  This is why he needs to be crushing them.  If he isn’t it doesn’t look good for him when he does get back…

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