Pirates Prospects Interview with Matt Curry

Curry is hitting his way to Bradenton

Two weeks ago, we did an article discussing Matt Curry’s hot start and how he is the top 1B prospect in the Pirates minor league system.  Going into the May 5th game, Curry was hitting .375/.469/.688 (1157 OPS) with 16 BB and 13 K’s in 80 AB’s.  Curry is in the top 5 in most key offensive categories in the South Atlantic League.  Pirates Prospects was able to procure an interview with Curry, who was kind enough to complete the e-interview while riding the bus from West Virginia to Augusta.

Kevin Creagh: So to say that you’ve gotten off to a hot start would be an understatement.  What’s it like as a hitter to be in such a zone like you are?  Conversely, how frustrating is it to be ice cold?

Matt Curry: It’s great. Every time you go to the plate you feel like you’re going to get a hit and that’s a good feeling, but it mostly has to do with how much confidence you have.  When you’re cold, you’re cold and most players get frustrated and stay in the slump for a long time, but it’s the ones who can stay focused and minimize the slumps that are successful because they will come.

Kevin Creagh: At your current pace, you will be in High A Bradenton sooner rather than later.  Will it be a strange feeling to get promoted, but wind up back across the street from the Spring Training facility? (Some e-humor here, Matt).

Matt Curry: No, getting moved is the main thing and since I have to go through there sometime I should just get it over with.

Kevin Creagh: Can you describe a typical day for you during the season from wakeup to gametime?

Matt Curry: I get up in the morning, eat breakfast and either watch tv or play video games with my roommates until we have to head to the field. When I get to the field, I will see what time my early work and hitting is scheduled and then I get dressed and play cards until it is time to get ready.  Then when BP is over it’s back to playing cards for a while until I put on the jersey and it’s game time.

Kevin Creagh: How have the bus trips been so far?  What’s the longest one you’ll have this year?  What do you do to pass the time?

Matt Curry: The bus trips have been pretty long, our longest so far has been 8 hours and we arrived at 6 in the morning to realize that the hotel forgot to hold our rooms, so we had to bunk up in a few rooms until ours were cleaned. To pass the time it’s either movies or playing games on my iPad or sleeping.

Kevin Creagh: Who’s the leader in the Power clubhouse?  Who keeps the mood light?

Matt Curry: I’m one of the leaders in the clubhouse in which we have a core older group consisting of pitchers and position players who make sure we keep things running the right way. We have a good group of guys who get along well with each other and everyone keeps the mood light.

Kevin Creagh: Does Kyle Stark ever contact a player personally to let them know what to work on or is all instruction done through the Power coaching staff?

Matt Curry: We have our own player plans that we go over that lists stuff that you may need to work on and drills that make sure everyone is on the same page to direct you on the path to the big leagues.

Kevin Creagh: The Power have some strange dynamics this season.  Most of the pitchers are high school draftees at age 20 and 21, while most of the hitters are college guys age 22 and 23.  Has this presented any challenges so far?

Matt Curry: I haven’t seen any challenges from having a younger pitching staff, but that they may learn how to carry themselves by some of the older position players.

Kevin Creagh: Have you found yourself daydreaming about manning 1B for the Pirates one day?

Matt Curry: Of course I’ve pictured myself playing first in Pittsburgh. Who wouldn’t?  But my dream is not only to play first for the Pirates, but to win a championship.

Thanks for the interview, Matt.  Good luck the rest of the season and beyond.

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