Baseball America Releases Top 200 Draft Prospects

Rendon is first overall in the Baseball America rankings.

Baseball America today released their top 200 draft prospects for the 2011 draft.  The draft is less than two weeks away, and this list is important, as it is what people will cite for pre-draft rankings, whether they cite the information after the draft, or five years from now.

Anthony Rendon remained at the top of the list, rated as the number one overall draft prospect.  Rendon was first overall by Baseball America prior to the 2011 season.  Surprisingly, Dylan Bundy came in second, one spot ahead of Gerrit Cole.  Danny Hultzen came in fourth, and Trevor Bauer finished fifth.

The 2011 draft looks to be very pitcher heavy at the top, according to Baseball America.  Seven of the top ten prospects are pitchers.  30 out of the top 50 are pitchers.  The 51-100 range leans more to the hitters, with 31 hitters ranked in that range.  The 101-200 range leans more towards pitching, with a 59:41 pitcher to hitter ratio.

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I take it that Javier Baez (#18) isn’t projected to stay at short b/c w/ stats like those I’m guessing he’d be alot higher.  His stats are insane, even if he’s playing constant sub-par competition, it’s hard to hit .771


I want Trevor Bauer, he’s facing the exact same competition as Cole and getting better results.  He’s not Lincecum, but look what Lincecum has done w/ that odd windup, etc.  I like Bauer because he’s a student of the game and has a specific routine that 1. Works 2. Made him into the pitcher he is.  I would not be shocked at all if 5 years from now Bauer would be the guy everyone would want (out of the pitchers) if they could go back and re-draft.


One more thing, the guys gets BOATLOADS of K’s.  We need some pitchers who can strike out a more than average amount of batters.  Especially since our hitters K at an alarming rate, we need to balance it out when our pitchers take the mound.


Is Bundy’s first name “Dylan” or “Suprisingly, Dylan”?  From this site I’d guess it’s the latter. 

Many people think he’s the best talent in the draft  Except for the bias against short RHPs he’d be #1 .

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