Pirates Claim Brandon Wood

The Pirates have claimed Wood.

According to Ken Rosenthal, the Pittsburgh Pirates have claimed Brandon Wood.  The move is not unexpected, as earlier this morning Colin Dunlap mentioned that the Pirates were certain to make a claim on the former Angels’ top prospect.

Rosenthal also tweets that Wood could get a shot at shortstop, as the team has not been happy with Ronny Cedeno.  I’ve already mentioned a few times that Wood isn’t an upgrade over Cedeno.  Cedeno has been bad, but not to the point where anyone would be an upgrade.

The move means that someone will have to come off the 25-man roster and the 40-man roster.  The most likely scenario for both roster issues will come with Josh Rodriguez, the 2010 Rule 5 pick.  Rodriguez would fill the same spot that Wood will now be taking, which makes it likely that the Pirates waive him.  It’s still possible that the Pirates could retain him, even if they did waive him, although he would have to clear waivers and a deal would have to be reached with Cleveland.

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Like the move, trade Cedeno to the twins now

I like this claim. Seriously, he can’t be worse than Cedeno. The bucs don’t have anyone very close in the minors and weren’t able to snag anyone in the offseason via trade. Hopefully it works out.


I disagree. His career numbers are actually worse than Cedeno’s numbers. Now, he did have that amazing A ball season and a pretty good AAA season. He could bust out again as he is only 26 years old. But, I’m not counting on it. I’m hoping for it, but not counting on it.

At the same time though, Cedeno has been given a ton of chances and played as basically an everyday player for several years now. He’s been way to inconsistent on the field and at the plate. I’ll admit, he’s had some dazzling plays here and there but he’s literally the only guy in the field that I cringe when the ball’s hit his direction. Right now I’d give anyone with some promise the time of day. I was excited when they signed rodriguez at first just because it meant less time that Ronny was on the field, but it didn’t work out. The worst thing that couldl happen is that it doesn’t pan out and we have to go back to RC.

Todd Smith

Pedro Alvarez’s career numbers are worse than Joe Randa’s.

I think at some point you have to also take into account the small sample size of plate appearances plus future potential.

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