Lineups: West Virginia-Hagerstown 4/27


CHARLESTON — 15 minutes to first pitch …

Game: West Virginia Power vs Hagerstown Suns, 7:05 p.m.

Site: Appalachian Power Park.

Pitching: RHP Jameson Taillon vs. RHP Chris McKenzie.

Weather: 70 degrees.

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West Virginia Power:

1. Drew Maggi, SS
2. Gift Ngoepe, 2B
3. Matt Curry, DH
4. Justin Howard, 1B
5. Dan Grovatt, RF
6. Mel Rojas Jr., CF
7. Elias Diaz, C
8. Eric Avila, 3B
9. Andy Vasquez, LF

Hagerstown Suns:

1. Blake Kelso, 2B
2. Adrian Sanchez, DH
3. Bryce Harper, RF
4. David Freitas, 1B
5. Wade Moore, LF
6. Mills Rogers, 3B
7. Jason Martinson, SS
8. Cole Leonida, C
9. Michael Taylor, CF

It’s raining a bit, and the incoming radar looks horrible.  Maybe they’ll get the game in…

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